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Texas Governor Stresses Importance of Border Security, Expresses Support for Trump

During his visit to the border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott emphasized the need for a president who can effectively secure the border. Speaking in a town near the Hidalgo Port of Entry crossing with Mexico, Abbott endorsed Donald J. Trump for president, stating, “We need Donald J. Trump back as our president of the United States of America.”

Trump, who joined Abbott in distributing meals to Texas National Guard soldiers and troopers stationed at the border on Thanksgiving, expressed his admiration for their work.

Abbott went on to criticize the current state of border security, stating that the presence of Guard members and Texas troopers at the border was a result of the inadequate efforts to secure it by the current president.

Although Trump discussed his immigration plans in campaign speeches, he only briefly touched on the topic during his visit to the border, focusing instead on inflation, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and media coverage.

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The former president’s immigration proposals have drawn criticism from civil rights activists and faced legal challenges. Trump’s plan includes constructing more walls along the border, reviving and expanding the travel ban, implementing ideological screening for immigrants, barring supporters of Hamas, deporting immigrants with “jihadist sympathies,” invoking the Alien Enemies Act to remove gang members and drug dealers, ending birthright citizenship, terminating work permits, cracking down on legal asylum-seekers, urging the death penalty for human traffickers, and reallocating federal law enforcement agents to immigration enforcement.

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Trump’s visit to the border mirrored his previous trips during his candidacy and presidency, where he used immigration as a focal point to generate media attention and gain support from the GOP base.

Abbott has also prioritized border security and has clashed with the Biden administration over immigration. He has authorized the construction of new border walls, deployed razor wire along the Rio Grande, and transported thousands of migrants to Democratic-led cities.

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Overall, Abbott’s visit, alongside Trump’s endorsement, underscores the ongoing debate and political battle surrounding border security and immigration in the United States.

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