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Texas Independence Movement Gets Major Setback

The Texas Supreme Court has delivered a significant blow to the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) by refusing to hear a case against the state’s Republican Party. The case revolved around the rejection of a petition, backed by TNM, calling for a vote on Texas independence to be included on the March primary ballot.

Texas Nationalist Movement’s Secessionist Campaign

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The TNM, an organization advocating for Texas to leave the United States and become an independent nation, submitted a petition containing 139,456 signatures in support of their cause.

Summarily Denied

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However, their petition was summarily denied by the Texas Republican Party, leading to frustration among secessionist campaigners.

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Support Within Texas GOP

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In recent years, Texan nationalists received support from the Texas GOP, which endorsed the idea of holding a referendum to determine whether the state should reassert its status as an independent nation during its June 2022 convention.

Texas Republican Party’s Response

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Matt Rinaldi, Chair of the Texas Republican Party, welcomed the Texas Supreme Court’s decision. He expressed gratitude that the court swiftly rejected the TNM’s petition, emphasizing that the party adhered to Texas law in rejecting the petition.

Legislative Efforts

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Texas state Representative Bryan Slaton introduced legislation in March 2023 to trigger a referendum on investigating the possibility of Texas independence. However, the legislation did not advance beyond the committee stage.

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TNM’s Persistent Campaign

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Last month, TNM President Daniel Miller delivered a petition calling for a “TEXIT” referendum to the state GOP headquarters in Austin, surpassing the required 97,709 signatures. Rinaldi rejected the petition, citing various issues, including missing information and submission methods.

Emergency Petition to State Supreme Court

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In response to the rejection, the TNM filed an emergency petition with the state Supreme Court to advocate for their right to self-government. They aimed to secure a place for the “TEXIT” referendum on the Republican primary ballot.

Immediate Rejection by the Court

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Unfortunately for the TNM, the legal bid was promptly dismissed by the court. The court stated that they denied the petition, effectively shutting down the secessionist movement’s efforts.

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Disappointment and Determination

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Paul M. Davis, a member of the TNM legal team, expressed disappointment with the court’s decision on social media. He accused the Texas GOP Republican establishment of undermining Texans’ right to petition their government but affirmed that the TNM would persist in its campaign.

Outcome of the Court’s Decision

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While the Texas Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case deals a setback to the Texas independence movement, TNM supporters remain resolute in their efforts.

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