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Texas Island That Was Sending “Tons And Tons Of Migrants”  Seized Back From Cartel Influence in Military Operation

Texas officials are hailing the successful seizure of an island near the United States-Mexico border, marking a significant blow against cartel activity in the region.

The operation, led by state authorities and the military, aims to bolster border security and curb illegal activities threatening border communities.

Military Facility Planned for Border Defense

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Governor Greg Abbott announced plans for an 80-acre military facility to enhance border defense efforts, deploying 1,800 soldiers along the southern border.

Concern Over Cartel Related Activities

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The move comes amid escalating concerns over illegal immigration and cartel-related activities along the Rio Grande, extending southward to Shelby Park.

Mexican President Criticizes Texas Plan

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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently criticized Texas’ border security measures, dismissing them as political posturing rather than effective solutions to the challenges posed by illegal immigration.

Congressman Highlights Cartel Influence

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Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales emphasized the role of Mexican cartels in facilitating illegal immigration, suggesting collusion with the Biden administration.

Land Commissioner’s Insights on Fronton Island

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Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham shared insights on the strategic significance of Fronton Island, a hotspot for cartel activity along the border.

Praise For Texas Police

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Recently, Buckingham praised the work being done by state police to keep the 170-acre refuge “densely wooded” and “provided concealment for trans-national criminal activity.”

Prior to its seizure, the land was allegedly occupied by cartels from Mexico and Texas.

Safe Haven

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“They had literally a safe haven to stash weapons, drugs, and people,” said Buckingham, a former state senator who was elected to her current position in 2022.

“Tons and tons of migrants coming across.”

Securing Fronton Island

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Last November, Fronton Island was successfully secured by the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety, marking a significant victory against transnational criminal organizations.

Strategic Location

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The island’s strategic location made it a focal point in efforts to disrupt cartel operations and stem the flow of illegal goods and migrants.

Discovery of Illegal Weapons and Drugs

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During the operation, Texas officials uncovered a cache of illegal weapons and drugs on Fronton Island, underscoring the extent of cartel influence in the region.

Fentanyl, Firearms Found

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The seizure included explosive devices, prohibited firearms, and a substantial quantity of fentanyl, highlighting the multifaceted challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.

Impact of the Seizure

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The seizure of Fronton Island has had a tangible impact on border security, with authorities reporting a significant reduction in criminal activities and illicit border crossings.

Concertina Wire installed

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Concertina wire and other barriers have been deployed to fortify the island’s defenses and prevent further incursions by criminal elements.

Success of Border Defense Efforts

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Sergeant Jake Jordan of the Joint Task Force Lone Star Special Response Team highlighted the success of engineering efforts to fortify Fronton Island’s defenses.

Cartel Activities Nearly Over

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The installation of over 1.4 miles of wire has effectively hindered cartel activities while providing flexibility for law enforcement operations.

Continuous Vigilance Required

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While the seizure of Fronton Island represents a significant victory, Texas officials emphasize the ongoing need for vigilance and proactive measures to combat cartel influence along the border.

The operation serves as a testament to the state’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its residents.

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