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Texas Lt Gov Tells Joe Biden To ‘Get Out Of Our Way’

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick urged President Biden to step aside in the border crisis on Fox News.

He asserts that the federal government should not interfere with Texas’ efforts to manage its border security.

The Texas Strategy Unveiled

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During his appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” Patrick discusses Texas’ approach to border security.

He emphasizes the state’s right to implement its measures, including physical barriers and strategic deployments.

Texas’ Border Challenge

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Patrick highlights the vastness of Texas’ border, comparing its length to the distance from Atlanta to Portland, Maine.

This vast expanse necessitates a significant deployment of personnel and resources for effective management.

State and Federal Tensions

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The lieutenant governor criticizes President Biden for politicizing the border situation.

He insists that Texas can secure its border without federal intervention, “if Joe Biden will get out of our way, we’ll do the job, we’ll secure the border, we don’t need them.”

Operational Cooperation

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Patrick notes the effective collaboration between Texas officials and Border Patrol agents despite the political standoff.

This partnership underscores the state’s commitment to border security amidst federal challenges.

Supreme Court’s Intervention

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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration can remove the razor wire placed by Texas at the border.

This decision highlights the ongoing legal battle over the state’s border security measures.

Texas’ Firm Stance

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In defiance of the Supreme Court ruling, Texas, under Governor Greg Abbott’s leadership, refuses to remove the wire.

Abbott’s statement reaffirms Texas’ constitutional right to self-defense and border protection.

The Battle for Shelby Park

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Following the Supreme Court’s decision, Texas maintains control over Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, resisting federal demands.

This act of defiance illustrates the state’s unwavering commitment to its border security strategy.

Border Patrol’s Silent Approval

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Reports suggest some Border Patrol agents quietly support Texas’ actions, including the takeover of Shelby Park.

This support indicates a division within federal ranks over the state’s border security tactics.

Abbott’s Constitutional Claim

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Governor Abbott asserts Texas’ constitutional right to protect its border and citizens, challenging the Supreme Court’s directive.

His stance reflects a broader GOP support for state-led border security initiatives.

National Support for Texas

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A group of GOP governors backs Texas’ border security measures, signaling national Republican support for the state’s defiance.

This coalition strengthens Texas’ position against federal pressures.

The Debate Over the National Guard

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The escalating conflict led to calls for President Biden to federalize the National Guard, which would deepen the federal-state confrontation over border security responsibilities.

Texas’ Unyielding Resolve

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Despite legal and political challenges, Texas remains steadfast in its border security efforts.

The state’s actions reflect a deep-seated belief in the importance of state autonomy in addressing border-related issues.

An Ongoing National Debate

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The standoff between Texas and the federal government over border security continues to stir national debate.

This conflict raises important questions about state sovereignty, federal authority, and the best approach to managing border security.

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