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Texas National Guard Blocks Border Patrol Access Amid Ongoing U.S.-Mexico Border Dispute

In a recent development escalating the conflict over border control, the Texas National Guard has prevented federal Border Patrol agents from entering a staging area used for migrants. Under the directive of Governor Greg Abbott, Texas state officials have denied Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials access to Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, a town grappling with the immigration crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Texas National Guard Assumes Control

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Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas revealed that officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety, acting under Governor Abbott’s emergency declaration, have assumed “full control” of Shelby Park.

Stopping Migrants’ Access

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This move aims to discourage migrants from unlawfully crossing the Rio Grande despite the city’s objections and request that the state refrain from taking over the staging area.

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Conflict Escalates

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The action taken by Texas officials further exacerbates the ongoing dispute between Governor Abbott’s administration and the federal government regarding the border crisis. As Governor Abbott continues to address the record-breaking influx of migrants at the southern border, this move is likely to heighten tensions.

DOJ’s Description to the Supreme Court

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) outlined the standoff in a filing submitted to the Supreme Court, emphasizing the use of armed Guardsmen and vehicles by Texas to block Border Patrol access to approximately 2.3 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border.

New Barriers Erected

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Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, in the filing, stated that the Texas National Guard had begun erecting new concertina wire barriers, impeding Border Patrol’s access to Shelby Park and the staging area.

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Border Patrol Denied Access

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The DOJ filing revealed that Border Patrol agents towing a boat for launch requested access to Shelby Park, but the Texas National Guard refused entry.

Access To The Staging Area was Denied

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Similarly, when Border Patrol agents sought access to the staging area, their request was denied by the Texas National Guard. This refusal effectively prevents Border Patrol from monitoring the border for emergencies.

Supreme Court’s Involvement

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Earlier this month, the Biden administration had approached the Supreme Court, seeking permission for CBP agents to remove the razor wire barriers erected at Governor Abbott’s direction along the southern border.

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State Would Continue To Deploy The National Guard: Abbott

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Governor Abbott responded by asserting that the state would continue deploying the National Guard to construct border barriers and deter illegal immigration.

Support from the National Border Patrol Council

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National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd defended Governor Abbott’s actions, stating that they were enhancing border operations rather than hindering them. He explained that seizing control of Shelby Park allows Border Patrol agents to deploy to areas experiencing high numbers of migrants attempting to evade capture.

Judd characterized Governor Abbott’s actions as a “force multiplier.”

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