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Texas Rangers Only MLB Team Not Holding Pride Night Game

Texas Rangers

Pride Month and Major League Baseball

During Pride Month, the majority of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams have been displaying their logos in rainbow pride colors and announcing their scheduled Pride Night games. However, there is one team that has consistently refused to hold a gay pride night.

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The Texas Rangers’ Stance

Texas Rangers
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The Texas Rangers, based in Arlington, have chosen not to participate in any demonstrations or events related to gay pride. Unlike other teams, they do not alter their logo with rainbow colors in June or announce any specific “Pride Game” nights.

Lack of LGBT Events and Celebrations

The Rangers’ refusal to hold Pride Night games is not a new development. In 2003, they did organize an informal gay night, but it faced both support and protest from attendees. Since then, the team has not hosted any LGBT events, games, or celebrations.

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Internal Changes and Inclusivity Efforts

In 2021, Neil Leibman, the Rangers’ COO, addressed the idea of a Pride Night game and emphasized that the team focused on making internal changes to enhance inclusivity in hiring practices. The organization believed that these changes were more meaningful than simply holding a Pride Night event.

Criticism and the Path Forward

The Rangers’ decision has drawn criticism from LGBTQ activists and supporters. Rafael McDonnell, representing the LGBTQ Resource Center, stated that while the team has made some efforts, they still have a long way to go compared to other professional sports teams in terms of LGBTQ inclusivity.

The Texas Rangers’ refusal to hold a Pride Night game sets them apart from other MLB teams, which have embraced the tradition of displaying pride colors and hosting special events during Pride Month.

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