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Texas Teacher Fired for Anti-White Posts and Jokes

A Texas school district has terminated the employment of a first-grade teacher, Danielle Allen, who was accused of posting anti-White statements and jokes on social media.

Credit: DepositPhotos

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The teacher, who identified herself as a “Black supremacist,” used a burner account under the pseudonym “Claire Kyle” on X (formerly known as Twitter) to post offensive content, including jokes about violence against White people.

One of the posts in question was a text message exchange where Allen joked about killing her sister’s White boyfriend, expressing frustration that he resembled a Trump supporter.

The school district, Mesquite Independent School District, labeled the posts as “racist” and emphasized that they did not align with the district’s values.

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Allen, prior to her termination, boasted on social media that she would not be fired and claimed that the administration had laughed off her posts. However, the school district clarified that her employment had been terminated and she would not be eligible for rehire.

The incident highlights the growing importance of teachers’ online behavior and its potential impact on their professional careers, as schools and districts increasingly scrutinize social media presence for any content that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate..

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