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The Backlash Against Wokeness

Many American families, especially conservative men and women facing financial challenges, are pushing back against the growing influence of “wokeness” in various businesses and institutions. The silent majority is speaking up, making its sentiments known through significant actions that impact the bottom line of companies promoting woke ideologies.

For instance, when Bud Light featured a transgender individual on their packaging, regular consumers expressed their disapproval by boycotting the brand, resulting in a staggering loss of $27 billion and the company losing its position as the top beer seller in the country. Similarly, Target’s collaboration with a Satanic artist and their promotion of pride-themed clothing in the children’s section led to a loss of $15.7 billion and counting.

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Disney’s attempt to push woke movie concepts on trusting parents also backfired, with an $890 million loss over the past eight films. In contrast, projects embracing conservative values and opposing woke narratives have found success. For example, the movie “Sound of Freedom” raked in over $125 million, outperforming films with much larger budgets.

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The frustration with wokeness goes beyond mere financial implications. The intrusion of gender ideology in sports, with cases like Lia Thomas competing in women’s sports and female athletes like Riley Gaines raising concerns, has ignited parental concern about the future of their daughters in athletics. The controversial issue of allowing biological men and boys in women’s locker rooms and restrooms, as seen in the Loudoun County, Virginia incident, has further heightened parents’ safety concerns.

In conclusion, American families have had enough of wokeness and are making their voices heard through their choices and actions. They are standing up for their beliefs and teaching the next generation to do the same.

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