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‘The Biden’s are the best’ – Another Hunter Biden text shocker uncovered

The House Oversight Committee has recently made public a series of text messages allegedly sent by Hunter Biden, in which he appears to boast about his family’s ability to cater to the wishes of Chinese business executives.

These revelations have raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and the transparency of the Biden family’s financial dealings.

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Hunter Biden’s text message revealed

According to the committee, on August 3, 2017, Hunter Biden sent a text message to Gongwen Dong, an executive at CEFC, an energy firm with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

In the message, Biden proclaimed, “The Biden’s are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this [partnership].”

Interestingly, the committee also discovered that one of Biden’s shell companies received a payment of $100,000 from CEFC the following day.

Hunter Biden was with his Dad when texting

Credit: DepositPhotos

In a separate development, an IRS whistleblower testified to receiving a threatening text message from Hunter Biden, allegedly sent in the presence of Joe Biden himself.

The text read, “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.”

“Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight.”

Hunter’s text message had threatening overtones to it

The message went on to imply consequences for non-compliance, stating, “And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction.”

“I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

The White House responded to the IRS whistleblower testimony, asserting that “the President was not in business with his son.”

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President Biden has sought to distance himself from business dealings

Hunter Biden’s lawyer also distanced the family, stating that his client’s words were “solely his own and have no connection to anyone in his family.”

In addition to these allegations, another IRS whistleblower accused Hunter Biden of funneling payments from Ukrainian energy firm Burisma to a Chinese company as a means of evading taxes.

Biden family’s foreign transactions revealed

The House Oversight Committee had previously released a memo in May, outlining claims that the Biden family sought to conceal over $10 million in foreign payments.

Further details emerged regarding the $100,000 payment from Dong to Biden.

Dong allegedly attempted to conceal this payment by establishing a limited liability company (LLC), CEFC Infrastructure, with another one of his LLCs as the sole equity member.

The ownership of CEFC Infrastructure was later transferred to Shanghai Huaxin Group, which deposited $10 million into the LLC’s account. Subsequently, $100,000 was wired from CEFC Infrastructure to Hunter Biden’s LLC, known as Owasco P.C., according to the House Oversight Committee’s findings.

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Biden family links to the CCP

Earlier this year, the House Oversight Committee disclosed how a firm linked to the Chinese Communist Party had provided $3 million to John Robinson Walker, an associate of the Biden family, who subsequently transferred the funds to various Biden family members.

These recent revelations have ignited debates surrounding ethics, potential conflicts of interest, and financial transparency within the Biden family.

The House Oversight Committee’s ongoing investigations seek to shed further light on these matters and ascertain the extent of any impropriety or wrongdoing.