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The Concerns Surrounding Plan B Vending Machines on College Campuses

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America, voices concerns about the increasing presence of Plan B vending machines on college and university campuses. While the availability of emergency contraception may seem convenient, Hawkins argues that these machines promote a negative view of pregnancy and family, exposing students to potential risks and dangers.

The Growing Trend of Plan B Vending Machines

Hawkins highlights the growing popularity of Plan B vending machines on campuses across the country. According to the American Society for Emergency Contraception, there are currently 39 universities in 17 states with such vending machines, with approximately 20 more considering their installation.

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The Reckless Distribution of Plan B

Hawkins draws attention to the opposition faced by the distribution of Plan B, even by former President Barack Obama, who expressed concerns about selling such drugs alongside candy due to potential misuse by young girls. Placing life-ending drugs next to everyday items like sodas seems careless and inappropriate.

The Negative Consequences of Plan B

Contrary to popular belief, Hawkins asserts that Plan B is not a better alternative to having no contraception at all. She argues that the casual distribution of Plan B promotes an anti-baby and anti-family bias. Furthermore, she suggests that it exposes young women to dangerous individuals, with stories emerging of abusers using the drug to hide their crimes.

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Lack of Informed Consent

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Hawkins emphasizes the importance of informed consent in healthcare. She believes that women should be fully informed about the potential effects of Plan B, including its life-ending properties and the consequences of repeated usage. She questions why healthcare providers often neglect to provide comprehensive information about the drug’s impact on fertility.

The Hidden Dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Hawkins points out that the focus on preventing pregnancy through Plan B often overlooks the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). She highlights the increasing prevalence of STDs, particularly among college-age individuals, and the significant costs associated with their treatment. Hawkins argues that the exclusive focus on preventing pregnancy fails to address the broader implications of sexual activity.

The Need for Comprehensive Relationship Education

Hawkins criticizes the limited approach taken by schools regarding sex education. She believes that school officials should provide relationship advice and comprehensive health information that goes beyond a Planned Parenthood mindset. Hawkins points out that while other dangerous behaviors like drunk driving are addressed, comprehensive relationship education is often lacking.

The Importance of Celebrating Healthy Relationships

Hawkins argues that promoting healthy relationships and the values of home and family are crucial for individuals and the nation as a whole. She believes that the presence of Plan B vending machines perpetuates an anti-baby and anti-family bias, potentially contributing to population decline.


Kristan Hawkins suggests that Plan B vending machines on college campuses are a mistake that colleges do not need to make. She highlights the need for comprehensive relationship education, informed consent, and a focus on the broader implications of sexual activity beyond pregnancy prevention. By considering these factors, colleges can better support the well-being of their students.

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