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The Controversy Surrounding Jason Aldean’s Song on ‘The View’

During a recent episode of “The View,” the co-hosts engaged in a discussion about country singer Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town.” While some of the co-hosts deemed the song “deplorable” and criticized its divisive nature, they defended Aldean’s right to create the song and expressed opposition to any form of censorship.

The debate highlighted differing perspectives on freedom of expression and the social implications of provocative lyrics.

Debating Freedom of Expression:

Joy Behar, one of the co-hosts, characterized the song as divisive and annoying, particularly due to its lyrics about guns and small towns. However, she firmly defended Aldean’s right to produce the song, highlighting the importance of free expression and rejecting the notion of censorship.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg echoed Behar’s sentiments, agreeing that Aldean’s music should not be subject to censorship.

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Acknowledging Support from Big Cities:

Behar emphasized the interconnectedness between big cities and small towns, suggesting that the former often provide economic support to the latter. She argued that Aldean should recognize the role of big cities in sustaining smaller communities, cautioning against being against urban areas solely based on the song’s lyrics.

Sunny Hostin’s Perspective:

Co-host Sunny Hostin, speaking from her personal experiences with racism and interracial relationships, criticized Aldean’s use of imagery in the song. She alleged that Aldean was aware of the meaning and implications of the imagery, asserting that it perpetuates racist stereotypes.

Hostin challenged the notion that Aldean was oblivious to the symbolism employed, stating that the song’s popularity revealed underlying racial issues in the country.

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Credits: Jason Aldean / Facebook

CMT’s Response and Criticism:

CMT, the network that aired Aldean’s music video, faced criticism on social media, with some accusing the song of promoting lynching. The controversy led to CMT pulling the video from its network. Goldberg and Hostin expressed their belief that the song crossed a line, particularly regarding its association with the Black Lives Matter movement.

They argued that a message of unity and taking care of one another should transcend racial boundaries.

Aldean’s Defense:

Addressing the backlash, Aldean responded to the accusations on social media, denying that the song was pro-lynching and asserting that it had been released months prior. He expressed dissatisfaction with being linked to the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, clarifying his position on the matter.


The discussion on “The View” highlighted a clash of opinions regarding Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town.” While some co-hosts found the song objectionable, they defended Aldean’s right to create it without facing censorship. The debate touched on issues of freedom of expression, the role of big cities in supporting small towns, and the potential racial implications of provocative lyrics.

The controversy surrounding the song serves as a reminder of the ongoing societal discussions and divisions related to race and cultural expression.

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