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The Ethical Dilemma of Love: Should I Confess My Feelings to My Engaged Friend? Reddit Users Weigh In

In the vast realm of Reddit’s “Relationships” subreddit, a heart-wrenching tale unfolded as a user under the username throwaway_forfeels bravely reached out for guidance. Caught in the midst of an emotional whirlwind, their post titled “I have feelings for him; he is marrying someone else” laid bare a delicate situation, one that has caught the attention and empathy of countless Internet users worldwide.

The Background:

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Throwaway_forfeels outlined a predicament where long-standing friendship had given way to something deeper. The author had found themselves falling in love with a close friend who, unfortunately, was already committed to another person. The couple’s wedding was fast approaching, and throwaway_forfeels had reached a crossroads, torn between expressing their feelings or maintaining the friendship without disrupting the happiness of their friend’s relationship.

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The Love Triangle:

The story revolves around three key characters: throwaway_forfeels, their close friend whom they were developing feelings for (referred to anonymously as “him”), and the friend’s fiancée. The dynamics of this love triangle intensified the emotional turmoil faced by the original poster, raising countless ethical questions and causing considerable internal struggle.

The Conflict:

The Reddit post illuminated the conflict that had been gnawing at throwaway_forfeels. On one hand, they grappled with the knowledge that confessing their feelings carried the risk of jeopardizing the years of friendship they cherished. Conversely, the fear of witnessing their friend’s wedding day with overwhelming heartache had become an unbearable prospect, leaving them haunted by the ghosts of “what ifs.”

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Seeking Advice:

Craving the guidance and understanding of others who may have experienced similar predicaments, the author humbly requested advice from the vast Reddit community. The post described the depth of their emotions, the guilt they carried for coveting someone else’s partner, and their ongoing struggle to reconcile their feelings with their loyalty to the friendship.

Responses and Support:

As expected, the Reddit community rallied to provide their thoughts and insights in response to throwaway_forfeels’ plea for assistance. Fellow users offered advice rooted in empathy, urging the author to prioritize the friendship and not risk causing irreparable damage by confessing their feelings. Supportive comments encouraged the original poster to maintain boundaries, focus on personal growth, and seek solace in the friendship while accepting the harsh reality of unrequited love.


This poignant Reddit post exposed the tumultuous journey of a person grappling with a love they knew they should not pursue. The struggle between affection and loyalty to friendships is an age-old predicament that continues to resonate with many individuals in similar situations around the world. While the author’s path forward remained undecided, their bravery in seeking advice and the unwavering support received from the Reddit community served as a reminder that in times of emotional turmoil, there is solace to be found in the understanding of others.

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