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The Financial Burden of Biden’s Migration Policy on Ordinary Americans

According to a report by the Republican side of the House Committee on Homeland Security, the Democrats’ migration policy is imposing significant costs on ordinary Americans. The report reveals that taxpayers’ funds are being diverted towards business interests, liberal advocacy groups, and migrants. Committee chairman Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) criticized the border chief Alejandro Mayorkas and President Biden for forcing American taxpayers to foot the bill for the crisis caused by their border policies.

This burden is affecting communities across the country, leading to depleted emergency resources, public housing crises, overwhelmed public-school systems, damaged property, and increased law enforcement costs.

Data from the Center for Immigration Studies suggested that the spending associated with the migration policy could cost as much as $451 billion per year. With a population of approximately 330 million people in the United States, this equates to an average spending of $500 per American, including men, women, children, and retirees. If this money was not allocated to migrants, it could instead be used for the needs of American citizens, such as higher wages, lower taxes, reduced government deficits, or investments in schools, technology, and infrastructure.

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However, instead of being utilized for the benefit of Americans, these funds are being funneled towards private interests. Landlords, hotel operators, non-profit groups, busing companies, teachers’ unions, groceries, government employees, healthcare companies, and other vendors in the consumer economy are benefiting from this massive spending diversion. The primary cost driver of Biden’s migration policy is the daily welfare expenses associated with caring for poor migrants. Even when migrants find employment, their wages are often insufficient to cover their debts, rent, and basic needs. The presence of migrant mothers, children, and individuals with health conditions or pregnant women further increases taxpayer spending on schools, childcare, hospitals, and clinics.

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The enormity of the spending related to Biden’s migration policy often goes unnoticed by the general public. For example, a report on Massachusetts’ spending to accommodate migrants in valuable jobs and homes emphasized the efficiency of hosting work authorization clinics. This partnership between the state and federal agencies, along with charitable groups, provides education, lobbying services, legal advice, and access to Americans’ aid and charity programs.

The report fails to mention the additional costs borne by Americans, such as higher rents, housing prices, shrinking wages, and rising interest rates imposed to offset inflation caused by migrants’ spending. The report from the House committee is based on various estimates of daily costs shouldered by taxpayers. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) published a key comprehensive study stating that illegal immigration had an annual net burden of over $150 billion on the U.S. economy in 2022. Similarly, a Real Clear Investigations report revealed that the state of Illinois had already spent close to $120 million on its asylum seeker emergency response, equivalent to approximately $33,000 per migrant.

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Drawing from Andrew Arthur’s March 2023 CIS study, the report highlights the daily costs incurred by each migrant. By multiplying this figure by the number of migrants released under Biden’s administration, the total costs reach an astounding $451 billion per annum. Even with a discount to account for lower-cost locations, the conservative estimate of over $34 billion is a significant burden for municipalities already struggling to finance essential services and infrastructure for their long-term residents.

In essence, Biden’s migration policy places a heavy financial burden on ordinary Americans, diverting taxpayer funds from their needs towards private interests, while also leading to higher rents, reduced wages, and growing interest rates.

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