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The Importance of a Strong Jewish State in Self-Defense

In this passionate article, Sean Hannity discusses the recent terrorist attack in Israel and the ongoing battle against Hamas in Gaza. The author emphasizes the urgent need for a resilient Jewish state that can protect itself amidst threats to its existence.

Hannity begins by highlighting the openly genocidal rhetoric of Hamas, which openly vows to “obliterate” Israel and wage jihad against Jews. He recalls the horrific October 7th attack, where over 1200 Israelis were murdered and hundreds more were captured.

The scale of this attack, adjusted for population size, is said to be equivalent to losing 38,000 Americans in a single day. Additionally, the author reveals the gruesome details of the attacks, including torture, burning alive, beheadings, and rape, comparable to the brutal acts committed by ISIS.

Despite suffering one of the worst attacks in history, Israel received little international support. Hannity criticizes the global response, stating that instead of rallying around Israel, many questioned its right to defend itself.

He highlights a United Nations vote that demanded Israel unilaterally declare a cease-fire, allowing Hamas to regroup and rearm. The author also mentions private conversations where it’s suggested that Biden urged Netanyahu to pause Israel’s assault on Hamas.

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Hannity expresses frustration over the lack of condemnation towards Hamas and the growing anti-Israel protests worldwide. He mentions the praise Hamas receives and the calls for Israel’s elimination, including from Democratic congresswoman Tlaib. The author also notes the violent attacks against Jewish people and the continued raining down of rockets on Israel.

The author emphasizes the importance of the Iron Dome, which has saved countless lives by intercepting rockets. Hannity argues that recent events serve as a reminder of the necessity for a strong Jewish state that can defend itself against enemies in a fight for survival. He quotes Winston Churchill, stating that the Jewish state must fight with all its resources and determination for victory against this monstrous tyranny.

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