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The Mounting Evidence of Biden’s Involvement with Dictators: A Concerning Reality

In recent discussions about the Biden family’s financial dealings, including checks, secret messages, and meetings, a reporter posed the question of whether President Joe Biden has been dishonest with the public. As someone who compared the Bidens to the fictional Soprano family from the hit HBO series, it is clear that Biden has indeed been lying about his involvement. Unlike the Sopranos, who confined their money-making schemes to the United States, the Bidens have expanded their ventures to countries like China, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

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One can easily imagine the fictional Tony Soprano and the real-life Hunter Biden in similar roles, with the latter struggling to emulate the former’s success. In this scenario, Joe Biden effectively made his son his bag man, involving him in various illegal activities. However, President Biden continues to evade the truth, relying on left-wing media and their protection to dismiss the mounting evidence against him.

Fortunately, several Republican chairmen and senators have taken it upon themselves to uncover the truth. Their tireless efforts have begun to bear fruit, despite pushback from the media, White House, and the Biden family’s legal team. Each passing week brings forth more evidence indicating that the Bidens have employed deceptive tactics such as fake companies, fabricated email addresses, and intermediaries to conceal the sources of their income from illicit activities.

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Contrary to the media’s attempts to downplay the facts, the truth is slowly emerging. Renowned attorney Andy McCarthy, known for his work as a federal prosecutor, has analyzed the evidence and arrived at alarming conclusions. He raises the question of whether the American people would have elected Joe Biden had they known he was compromised by the Chinese Communist regime—a hostile foreign power currently engaged in a potential second Cold War with the United States.

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Moreover, McCarthy highlights the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which the corporate media actively suppressed and discredited. The evidence suggests that Joe Biden, contrary to his previous denials, does receive a 10 percent cut from his son’s questionable business dealings with foreign adversaries—confirming his involvement as the “Big Guy.” McCarthy emphasizes that this information was available before the 2020 election, mainly through reports from the New York Post and his own piece in National Review titled “Collusion Tale: China and the Bidens.”

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This issue transcends political lines and poses a genuine threat to America’s national security. A fundamentally dishonest president and his family, involved in dubious financial activities, hold power, making it impossible to predict their actions. This becomes particularly concerning when President Biden meets with Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping, as it is essentially a meeting between a paymaster and the beneficiary of his family’s enrichment. Every American should be deeply concerned about this reality that exceeds the implications of a mere TV show – it is far more alarming than even Tony Soprano could have imagined.

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