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The Mysterious Woman Behind the JFK Assassination: Uncovering the Truth about Jerrie Cobb

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Mary Haverstick, a filmmaker, never expected to delve into the infamous assassination of John F Kennedy. Her initial plan was to create a documentary about the 13 women who attempted to join NASA’s astronaut training program in 1960 but were rejected.

However, as she spent more time with pilot and Nobel Prize nominee Jerrie Cobb, the subject of her film, Haverstick began to suspect that there was more to Cobb’s story than met the eye. Her suspicions were piqued by a Department of Defense official who warned her that the documents given to her by Cobb were classified.

This set off a decade-long quest for the truth, leading Haverstick into the murky world of JFK’s murder and Cobb’s possible involvement as an undercover CIA agent.

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Instead of a film, Haverstick ended up writing a book titled “A Woman I Know: Female Spies, Double Identities, and a New Story of the Kennedy Assassination.” In her book, Haverstick reveals Cobb to be a far more complex and remarkable character than anyone had realized. She believes that Cobb may have been the second shooter in JFK’s assassination, possibly working as a getaway pilot for Lee Harvey Oswald.

Haverstick also suspects that Cobb may have been the enigmatic Babushka Lady, a woman caught on film during the assassination who then disappeared, taking vital footage with her. Haverstick’s book delves into the shadowy world of Cold War espionage, involving figures like Khrushchev, Castro, the Mafia, the CIA, and even Nazi rocket scientists.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Haverstick explains that before meeting Cobb, she hadn’t given much thought to the JFK assassination and the conspiracy theories surrounding it. However, her research led her to another woman named June Cobb, who appeared in declassified CIA files as a secret agent in Castro’s Cuba. Haverstick found numerous similarities between June Cobb and Jerrie Cobb, leading her to believe that they were either the same person or had been swapping identities.

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PhotoCredit: DepositPhotos

Investigating further, Haverstick discovered a witness account of a small twin-engined plane, similar to the one Cobb flew, parked for hours at a private airport in Dallas on the day of the assassination. When she confronted Cobb about this, Cobb became emotional and admitted that it had been her at the airport but claimed she was there on assignment for Life magazine. Haverstick found this explanation highly dubious and began to suspect Jerrie Cobb’s involvement went beyond mere getaway pilot duties.

Haverstick’s book even suggests that Cobb may have been a CIA agent with the codename QJWIN, responsible for recruiting assassins. She emphasizes that her book does not provide definitive answers but instead presents the evidence for readers to draw their own conclusions.

Haverstick believes that the Kennedy assassination continues to captivate our attention because it has profound implications for our understanding of politics and government. She argues that the rapid dismissal of conspiracy theories following Kennedy’s death has planted a seed of distrust, affecting our attitudes towards authority.

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Despite publishing this explosive book, Haverstick admits that the process was not easy for her. She developed a close relationship with Jerrie Cobb over the course of 10 years, considering her a friend. However, she also felt that Cobb was unknowable at her core and had a disconnect when it came to empathy.

In the end, Cobb didn’t confess or leave any smoking gun evidence behind. Haverstick concludes that Cobb remains an enigma, leaving readers to grapple with the truth for themselves.

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