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The Naughty Mermaid? Did Disney Hire an Adult Film Star?

Merman Or Just Plain Dirty?

News has it that the famous Mickey Mouse house – yep, Disney – has gone ahead and cast a gay “adult film” star in their latest so-called family-friendly extravaganza, The Little Mermaid. Is Disney playing gender-bender games now, we wonder? 

Oops! Did Disney Get Carried Away?

We thought they were all about enchanting fairytales, but guess what? Seems like the studio’s fairytale world got a little too steamy! “Disney accidentally cast a porn star in The Little Mermaid,” says the National Post. The unexpected catch in their net is 24-year-old Stefano Tomadini, better known in the adult film industry as Dante Ferrari. 

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A Little Too Hot to Handle?

A little birdie (or should we say a chatty crab?) from The Sun newspaper spills the beans, “Casting bosses decided to hire a number of really sexy male models to play mermen in the movie. They had no idea about Stefano’s racy videos.” A tad embarrassing for Disney, don’t you think? 

The Clue is in the Name

Ace of Spades nailed it when they said, “Here’s a hint that ‘Dante Ferrari’ might have been a gay adult film star: His name is ‘Dante Ferrari.'” Makes you wonder – would he have been Disney’s first pick if he’d been named “BigWad Porsche” instead?

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Mermaids, Memories, and… Mistakes?

As if that’s not enough, Stefano (AKA BigWad Porsche, I mean Dante Ferrari) seemed to be having a whale of a time on the movie set in Sardinia, sharing behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. He called them “Lifetime memories with lifetime friends.” Well, hope those memories are worth the heat he’s causing for Disney now!

Oopsie Daisy or Hush-Hush Fun?

The word on the street is that the hiring was “accidental.” Accidental, really? It’s hard to believe that a multi-billion-dollar company like Disney wouldn’t run a basic background check. But then again, maybe they were too busy trying to corrupt our kids’ innocence to bother. After all, aren’t they the ones constantly accused of sneaking secret sexual messages into their kids’ movies?

Credits: DepositPhotos

Disney’s Silence Speaks Volumes

And here’s the juiciest part: Disney has been tight-lipped about the whole affair. Can someone tell me how this report can claim Disney “accidentally” hired a gay adult film star when Disney is playing the silent game?

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A Blow to the Big Bucks

The Little Mermaid has managed to haul in a decent $236 million domestically after 20 days. But here’s the catch: the overseas numbers are a disaster. Only $186 million. I doubt Disney’s latest remake will hit the big $500 million. So it’s safe to say, it’s heading towards being a financial catastrophe. 

Is Disney’s Magic Fading?

With Disney’s upcoming movies Elemental and Indiana Jones 5 predicted to flop, it seems the magic might be fizzling out. Add to that, Disney has postponed the release dates of its biggest franchises like Star Wars and the next Avenger movies. It’s a guessing game, but we all know the reason why – they can’t afford a flop. 

A Gleeful Gloat

Now, if Indiana Jones 5 and The Marvels turn out to be disappointments… that would bring joy to all the decent folks who believe that kids should be kids and not subjected to any adult’s sexual fantasies. Maybe it’s time for Disney to step back from its obsessions and remember what true, innocent entertainment is all about. 

Now, I’m eager to hear from you. What’s your take on Disney’s so-called ‘accidental’ casting of an adult film star in a children’s movie? Share your thoughts and let’s keep the conversation going!

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