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The Political Gender Divide: High School Girls Embrace Liberalism, Boys Remain Cautious

Recent federal survey reveals surprising trends in high school students’ political leanings. Boys trending conservatively while girls continue to embrace liberal views.

Boys’ Political Leanings

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Approximately one-quarter of high school senior boys identify as conservative or very conservative. Only 13% of boys identified as liberal or very liberal in recent years.

Gender Differences

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Leftward shift among young girls evident, with self-identified liberals increasing. Boys appear more reluctant to choose a side, with a significant portion claiming no political affiliation.

Influential Organizations

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Turning Point USA actively promoting conservative values to the youth. Some attribute the conservative shift among boys to organizations like Turning Point USA.

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Battle Between Masculinity and Feminism

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Traditional masculinity clashes with modern feminism, potentially shaping students’ political beliefs. The battle between masculinity and feminism might play a role in influencing political leanings.

Broader Implications

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Young women between 18 to 29 more likely to identify as liberal than at any time in the past two decades. Overall leftward shift among young adults due to young women embracing liberalism.

Complex Reasons

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Reasons behind these trends are complex and multifaceted. Various factors contribute to the changing political landscape among high school students.

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Evolving Political Landscape

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The political landscape among high school students is constantly evolving. Changes in political leanings reflect the shifting beliefs and values of the younger generation.

Understanding the Shift

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Delving into the nuances of the shifting political landscape among high school students. Gaining insights into the factors contributing to these divergent trends.

Impact on Society

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The changing political views among high school students have broader implications for society. Understanding the impact of these trends is crucial for shaping future policies and discourse.

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Societal Influences

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Society plays a significant role in shaping the political beliefs of high school students. Exploring the societal influences that contribute to these political leanings.


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The Monitoring the Future survey sheds light on intriguing shifts in high school students’ political leanings. Understanding these trends and their underlying causes is essential for fostering a politically engaged youth.

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