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The Silence Surrounding Sudan: A Forgotten Crisis

Since the start of the conflict earlier this year, Sudan has been plagued by violence, displacement, and humanitarian crises. According to the U.N., over 5.6 million people have been displaced, 25 million are in need of aid, and approximately 9,000 lives have been lost.

Shockingly, the situation in Sudan remains largely overlooked by the international community.

Richard Goldberg, a member of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, describes the situation in Sudan as a genocide carried out by an Arab paramilitary group. He emphasizes the lack of media coverage and the struggles faced by relief agencies to bring attention to the crisis and secure funding.

The World Food Program (WFP) has managed to provide food to 3 million people in Sudan, but they face significant challenges due to limited resources. A spokesperson for the WFP voices concerns about the widening gap between humanitarian needs and available funding.

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Despite the severity of the crisis, there has been a surprisingly small amount of public outcry. While millions have been forcibly displaced, there have been less than 600 protests against the atrocities in Sudan. This stands in stark contrast to the massive protests seen in Europe and the U.S. in response to the Gaza conflict.

The State Department expresses deep concern and condemnation of the escalating violence and human rights abuses in Sudan. Supporting reports of mass killings and ethnic targeting, they call for an immediate ceasefire and unhindered humanitarian access.

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First-hand accounts and satellite imagery corroborate the brutal actions of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia, who have been reported to go from house to house, killing every man in sight. The RSF’s history of brutality is alarming, as highlighted by recent massacres of the predominantly Sunni Muslim Masalit community.

Sudan researcher Eric Reeves describes the situation as catastrophic, emphasizing the massive destruction, death toll, and the potential for the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. He specifically criticizes the undisciplined and violent nature of the RSF militia, referring to them as “barbarians.”

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The State Department believes that a military solution is not viable and calls on the SAF and RSF to engage in meaningful discussions and ensure humanitarian access. The recent resumption of talks in Jeddah, facilitated by Saudi Arabia, the U.S., and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), receives a cautious welcome.

However, there are concerns about the effectiveness of these talks, with doubts about the trustworthiness and commitment of both sides.

Senator Jim Risch and Representative Michael McCaul express disappointment with the Biden administration’s efforts regarding Sudan, calling for a change in strategy.

Africa analyst Cameron Hudson echoes these sentiments and highlights the lack of a strong response from the current administration compared to previous administrations.

Hudson issues a warning about the potential consequences of the unchecked conflict in Sudan, predicting that it could lead to the domination of warlords and the disintegration of the state. He stresses the need for urgent attention to avoid a scenario similar to Somalia.

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While some voices on Capitol Hill are starting to raise concerns, the crisis in Sudan continues to be overshadowed by other global events. The collapse of the Sudanese state could have far-reaching consequences, but it remains obscured by the media focus on other conflicts. It is crucial for the international community to shift its attention and take action to prevent further suffering and chaos in Sudan.

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