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The United States Will Not Back Down: Challenging Putin and Hamas

Joe Biden is the current President of the United States. Today, the world is at a critical point where the decisions we make, especially regarding the crises in Europe and the Middle East, will shape our future for generations to come.

What lies on the other side of these conflicts? Will we prevent Hamas from carrying out evil acts? Will Israelis and Palestinians coexist peacefully with two separate states? Will we hold Vladimir Putin accountable for his aggression to ensure Ukraine’s freedom and the stability of Europe? And, most importantly, will we continue to pursue a positive vision for the future, or will we allow those who do not share our values to divide and endanger the world?

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Both Putin and Hamas seek to eliminate neighboring democracies and destabilize the region for their own gain. The United States cannot and will not let that happen, as it is crucial for our national security and the well-being of the world. As the essential nation, the US rallies allies and partners to confront aggressors and work towards a more peaceful future.

We have a responsibility to solve global problems and lead the way. If we ignore the challenges we face today, the risk of conflict will only grow, and the costs of addressing them will be much higher. We refuse to let that happen.

This conviction guides our support for Ukraine and its people in their fight against Putin’s brutal war. We have learned from past world wars that unanswered aggression in Europe only draws the US deeper into the crisis.

Our commitment to Ukraine is an investment in our own security and a way to prevent a broader conflict in the future. By supporting Ukrainians with weapons and economic assistance, we aim to stop Putin’s expansionist ambitions and protect Ukraine from further harm.

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The United States is not alone in this effort. Over 50 nations have joined us in supporting Ukraine, ensuring that it has the resources to defend itself. Our partners share the economic responsibility for aiding Ukraine, and our united NATO alliance guarantees our collective security against Russian aggression.

Our allies in Asia also stand with us, recognizing the importance of stability in both Europe and the Indo-Pacific.

The Middle East has historically shown how conflicts can have far-reaching consequences. We stand firmly with Israel as it defends itself against Hamas, a terrorist organization driven by hate and violence.

In a single day, Hamas committed the worst atrocity against the Jewish people since the Holocaust, killing 1,200 people, including 35 American citizens. This violence must not continue, and the Palestinian people deserve a future free from Hamas. We mourn the loss of innocent lives, both Israeli and Palestinian, and aim to end the cycle of violence in the region.

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A two-state solution is the only way to ensure the long-term security and dignity of both Israelis and Palestinians. While it may seem distant, this crisis highlights the urgency of reaching this solution. It requires commitment from Israelis, Palestinians, the US, and our allies.

We have proposed basic principles to move forward, ensuring Gaza is not used as a terrorist platform and Palestinians are not forcibly displaced or suffer territorial reductions. We must work towards reunification between Gaza and the West Bank under a single governance structure, preferably a revitalized Palestinian Authority. The international community must provide resources to help Gaza recover and establish a reconstruction mechanism to support its long-term needs.

While working towards peace in the region, we are also focused on preventing further escalation of the conflict. We have sent two carrier groups to enhance deterrence, targeted Hamas and its financiers with sanctions, and responded to attacks against US personnel. We have been clear in upholding international humanitarian law, prioritizing the protection of civilians, and facilitating humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

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However, the terrorist tactics used by Hamas, such as hiding among civilians and using them as shields, prevent a lasting ceasefire. We cannot allow Hamas to remain in control of Gaza, as it perpetuates hate and denies Palestinian civilians a chance for a better future.

At home, we must also confront hate and prejudice. Hate crimes and rise in antisemitism and islamophobia in America require immediate action. We must denounce all forms of hate and violence, and see each other as fellow Americans.

In times of violence and suffering, it may be hard to imagine a different future, but history has shown us that progress can rise from tragedy. We must remain committed to our goals of hope, freedom, and peace, as this will make the world safer and the United States more secure.

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