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These Are Some Things People Say Millennials Are Doing Better Than Boomers – Do You Agree?

Millennials and Baby Boomers have both contributed to society in their own ways. It’s not a competition, but it is interesting to compare the unique strengths of each generation. Let’s take a look at 15 things millennials seem to have done better than boomers,

1. Embracing technology

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As a generation raised on technology, millennials are quick to adapt to new innovations. They have harnessed the power of the internet and social media to connect, share information, and collaborate globally. Boomers, on the other hand, often took longer to get accustomed to new technologies, which sometimes hindered their ability to stay connected and informed.

2. Prioritizing mental health

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There has been an increase in millennials seeking mental health help and discussing mental health issues. They have helped to destigmatize mental health and have encouraged self-care and therapy. Boomers, in contrast, were more likely to keep their emotions bottled up, which may have prevented them from getting the support they needed.

3. Supporting environmental causes

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Climate change and renewable energy are among the environmental issues that millennials are concerned about. They actively engage in eco-friendly practices and support brands that share their values. Boomers, while aware of these issues, have not always prioritized environmental causes to the same extent.

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4. Embracing diversity and inclusivity

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Tolerance and inclusivity are important characteristics of millennials, who are more open to a wide variety of cultures and lifestyles. They understand the importance of representation and work to create spaces where everyone feels welcome. Boomers, though generally supportive, have sometimes struggled to fully embrace this level of diversity.

5. Adopting remote work

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Work-life balance and flexibility are important to millennials, who champion remote work. They have shown that productivity can be maintained, and even improved, outside of traditional office settings. Boomers, on the other hand, tended to value the structure of a physical workplace.

6. Pursuing entrepreneurship

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As a result of their creativity and innovative spirit, millennials have been more inclined to take risks and pursue their own businesses. They’ve harnessed technology to create new opportunities and disrupt traditional industries. Boomers, though entrepreneurial in their own right, were less likely to break away from established career paths.

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7. Valuing experiences over material possessions

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In comparison to material goods, millennials place a higher value on experiences, such as travel and adventure. This shift in focus has fostered personal growth and increased understanding of different cultures. Boomers, conversely, often placed more emphasis on material wealth and status.

8. Engaging in activism

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There has been a large amount of activism by millennials in advocating for social, political, and environmental changes. They use their voices and platforms to raise awareness and hold leaders accountable. Boomers also fought for important causes, but their methods and level of engagement differed from millennials.

9. Prioritizing work-life balance

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They value their overall well-being more than ever before, seeking careers that allow them to balance work and personal life. They’ve helped to redefine what success means, beyond just financial achievement. Boomers, on the other hand, were more focused on climbing the corporate ladder, sometimes at the expense of personal relationships.

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10. Embracing continuous learning

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Learning and growing are important to millennials, both professionally and personally. They seek out opportunities to develop new skills and expand their horizons. Boomers, while also valuing education, were less likely to engage in lifelong learning.

11. Supporting local businesses

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A higher proportion of millennials support local businesses, appreciating their unique products and services. They understand the importance of supporting local economies and fostering community connections. Boomers, while also patronizing local businesses, were more focused on convenience and cost, sometimes leading them to choose larger chains over smaller establishments.

12. Promoting gender equality

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As champions of gender equality, millennials have pushed for equal rights and opportunities at work and beyond. They’ve helped to break down gender stereotypes and create more inclusive environments. Boomers, although supportive of gender equality, may not have always actively engaged in breaking down these barriers.

13. Encouraging collaboration and teamwork

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Collaboration and teamwork are valued by millennials, who acknowledge the benefits of diversity of perspectives. They’re more likely to seek input and feedback from others, fostering a supportive and cooperative environment. Boomers, in contrast, were sometimes more individualistic in their approach to work and problem-solving.

14. Embracing unconventional career paths

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There is a higher likelihood that millennials will explore non-traditional career paths, as they are more likely to take on freelance work and pursue creative projects. They understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to success and are open to carving out their own paths. Boomers, on the other hand, often followed more linear career trajectories.

15. Focusing on self-improvement

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Self-improvement is a hallmark of millennials, who strive to grow and improve themselves. They’re more likely to invest in personal development, whether through workshops, therapy, or fitness classes. Boomers, while valuing self-improvement, may not have placed the same emphasis on personal growth.

Final thoughts

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While it’s clear that millennials have their own unique strengths, it’s important to remember that both generations have made significant contributions to society. Each generation has its own set of values and priorities, and it’s fascinating to see how these differences manifest in the world. Let’s continue to celebrate the achievements of both millennials and boomers, and learn from each other as we move forward together.

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