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These Transgender Athletes Are The Best At Their Sports – See Who Made The List

When it comes to athletic prowess, what matters most is determination, skill, and hard work. This list celebrates the best transgender athletes, who not only excel in their respective sports but also blaze a trail for inclusivity and acceptance. So without further ado, here are the 15 best transgender athletes who are making a significant impact in their sports!

1. Chris Mosier (Duathlon)

Credits: Chris Mosier / Facebook

Chris Mosier is a renowned American duathlete and triathlete who paved the way for other transgender athletes. Transitioning in 2010, Mosier has since competed in numerous world championships, setting records along the way. A true trailblazer, he was the first transgender athlete to make a men’s U.S. National Team and continues to advocate for transgender rights in sports.

2. Fallon Fox (MMA)

Credits: Fallon Fox / Facebook

Fallon Fox, the first openly transgender athlete in MMA history, is known for her power and grit in the octagon. After transitioning in 2006, she faced considerable challenges, but her resilience and determination remained unwavering. Her fights are legendary and she’s left an indelible mark on the world of mixed martial arts.

3. Laurel Hubbard (Weightlifting)

Credits: Sky Sports

New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard made history as the first openly transgender woman to compete in the Olympics in weightlifting. With her immense strength and poise, Hubbard continues to inspire countless transgender athletes worldwide. Despite controversy, she remains a significant figure in the sport, emphasizing the importance of fairness and inclusivity.

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4. Veronica Ivy (Cycling)

Credits: @drveronicaivy / Instagram

Formerly known as Rachel McKinnon, Veronica Ivy is a force to be reckoned with in competitive cycling. Ivy, a philosophy professor and advocate for transgender athletes, is the first transgender woman to win a world title in cycling. Her academic work and sporting success together provide a powerful voice for transgender athletes.

5. Quinn (Soccer)

Credits: @thequinny5 / Instagram

Simply known as Quinn, this Canadian soccer player made headlines as the first openly transgender athlete to compete in the Olympics and subsequently win a gold medal. Quinn’s versatility on the field, and their dedication to trans advocacy, is truly inspiring. They continue to play a significant role in advocating for more inclusive sports policies.

6. Schuyler Bailar (Swimming)

Credits: @pinkmantaray / Instagram

Schuyler Bailar is the first openly transgender NCAA Division I swimmer. His journey, from being recruited for the women’s team at Harvard to competing for the men’s team post-transition, is a story of resilience and determination. Today, Schuyler uses his platform to promote positive body image and mental health.

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7. Tifanny Abreu (Volleyball)

Credits: @tifannyabreu10 / Instagram

Tifanny Abreu made history as the first transgender woman to play in Brazil’s premier women’s volleyball league. Her powerful spikes and impressive skill have wowed fans and players alike. Despite the backlash, Abreu’s performance continues to challenge traditional notions of gender in sports.

8. Harrison Browne (Ice Hockey)

Credits: @hbrowne24 / Instagram

Harrison Browne, a former professional ice hockey player, is the first openly transgender athlete in North American professional hockey. Known for his speed and tenacity on the ice, Browne was a vital part of his team’s success. Even after retiring, his influence continues as he advocates for transgender inclusion in sports.

9. Kataluna Enriquez (Beauty Pageantry)

Credits: @mskataluna / Instagram

While not a traditional athlete, Kataluna Enriquez deserves a spot on this list for her athletic commitment to beauty pageantry. As the first openly transgender woman to win Miss Nevada USA, she’s a trailblazer in a different kind of competition. Her success symbolizes an important step forward for transgender representation in mainstream beauty competitions.

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10. Patricio Manuel (Boxing)

Credits: @thepatmanuel / Instagram

Patricio Manuel is the first openly transgender male boxer in U.S. history. Known for his tactical skill and resilience, Manuel’s career has been defined by breaking barriers. Despite facing adversity, his journey has been an inspiration for countless transgender athletes in combat sports.

11. CeCé Telfer (Track and Field)

Credits: @cecetelfer / Instagram

CeCé Telfer is a talented track and field athlete who became the first openly transgender woman to win an NCAA title. Her exceptional skills in hurdles and sprints make her a standout athlete. Telfer’s success story continues to inspire many and contribute to the ongoing conversations about inclusivity in sports.

12. Jaiyah Saelua (Soccer)

Credits: @jaiyahsaelua / Instagram

Jaiyah Saelua, a member of the American Samoa national team, became the first transgender player to compete in a World Cup qualifier. Saelua’s incredible defensive skills and athleticism have played a significant role in her team’s performance. Her impact extends beyond the field, as she actively supports the transgender community.

13. Balian Buschbaum (Pole Vaulting)

Credits: Balian Buschbaum / Facebook

Formerly known as Yvonne Buschbaum, Balian is one of the highest-profile transgender athletes in the world. Before his transition, he was one of Germany’s top female pole vaulters. His journey, both in sport and life, inspires many to live their truth.

14. Gabbi Tuft (Professional Wrestling)

Credits: @gabbituft / Instagram

Gabbi Tuft, known as “Tyler Reks” in the WWE, transitioned after retiring from professional wrestling. However, her impact on the sport and the visibility she has given to the transgender community cannot be overstated. She continues to be an advocate for transgender rights and awareness.

15. Nikki Hiltz (Middle-Distance Running)

Credits: @nikkihiltz / Instagram

Nikki Hiltz, an accomplished American middle-distance runner, came out as transgender and nonbinary in 2021. Known for their incredible endurance and speed, Hiltz’s performances have been inspiring. Their dedication to LGBTQ+ advocacy is just as commendable, using their platform to promote acceptance and inclusivity in sports.

Final Thoughts:

Credit: DepositPhotos

And there we have it – 15 athletes who aren’t just exceptional in their respective sports, but also groundbreaking figures in the quest for transgender rights and acceptance. Their stories of resilience, courage, and determination are not just inspiring, but essential in our continuing conversations about inclusivity and diversity in sports. Let’s continue to support and cheer on these athletes as they break boundaries and redefine the norms in the sporting world!


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