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‘They’re Real Losers’: Trump Condemns Democrats Trying To Pass Anti-Insurrectionist Law

Former President Donald Trump criticized Democrats pushing for the enactment of an anti-insurrectionist law, denouncing them as “real losers.”

Trump’s Critique of Democrats’ Legislative Efforts

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In response to reports of House Democrats drafting legislation following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the insurrection clause, Trump condemned their priorities during a Fox News interview.

Supreme Court Ruling

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Nine justices on the Supreme Court have ruled that only Congress has the right to enforce the 14th Amendment, not the courts.

Implications of Ruling

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This implies that Trump’s name can only be taken off a state ballot if Congress were to pass legislation to this effect.

Denouncing Democratic Focus

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When asked about Rep. Jamie Raskin’s statement in a CNN interview that he was working with some Democrat colleagues to pass legislation to disbar someone who has committed insurrection from the ballot, Trump remarked, “Well, it’s the same losers.” 

Colleagues Mentioned

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The colleagues Raskin mentioned were House Democrat Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Eric Swalwell.

Trump Chides Them To Focus on the Right Priorities

Credits: Depositphotos – BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – JULY 12TH, 2018: Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) SUMMIT 2018 — Photo by gints.ivuskans

Trump went on to say, “They’re real losers. If they spent their time focusing on the country and making America great again, that would be a lot better than just wasting their time.”

Trump’s Perceived Opposition From Democrats

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Trump expressed frustration at facing persistent opposition from the same lawmakers, characterizing their actions as part of a “sick” movement that prioritizes personal interests over national welfare.

They Don’t Care About America

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He also said that these people “never stop” and that “they don’t care about our country.” 

Support From Trump’s Attorney

Credits: DepositPhotos – Alina Habba departs Trump Tower En-Route to the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial in Manhattan, New York. January 22, 2024, Manhattan, New York, USA: Judge Kaplan has canceled testimony for Monday. — Photo by thenews2.com

Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, agreed with the President’s comments. She commended the Supreme Court’s decision and advised against considering Raskin’s proposal, emphasizing the need to focus on the country’s identity amidst political noise.

Trump’s Focus on the November Election

Credits: Depositphotos – NEW YORK, USA – Sep 29, 2015: US Vice President Joe Biden during a meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in New York — Photo by palinchak

Emphasizing his dedication to winning in November, Trump reiterated his criticism of President Biden, labeling him the “worst President in history.”

Criticism of Border Situation

Credits: DepositPhotos – The Texas National Guard monitors the border between Mexico and the United States to prevent migrants from entering the country irregularly to seek asylum. — Photo by Laflota

Trump went on to assert that the border situation in America was unprecedented and that we were receiving “millions and millions of people” who were coming in from places like jails and mental institutions.

Discussion on Terrorism and Border Closure

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He further cautioned that there are “terrorists” entering our border in unprecedented numbers, and they are “poisoning” the country, a phraseology that he has often used in the past in this regard.

He asserted that if elected, he was going to close the borders and “get [the immigrants] out.”

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Credits: Depositphotos – 21 February 2016: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to several thousand supporters at a rally in Atlanta, Georgia. — Photo by actionsports

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