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This Could Be The Democrat’s Strongest 2024 Political Candidate – But She Likely Won’t Run

With Joe Biden officially announcing his 2024 presidential bid, the question remains whether he can garner enough votes to be re-elected as US president.

With his approval rating near all-time lows and the investigations into his family’s international dealings intensifying, Democrat confidence has reason to feel shaky.

Enter Michelle Obama

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The former first lady and wife of ex-president Barak Obama is one of the more popular first lady’s in recent memory, particularly among Democrat voters.

Is a Michelle Obama run a possibility?

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Rumors abound that Michelle Obama could run for president. Given the fact that her husband already served two terms in the White House, this seems like a logical idea.

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Michelle Obama does not want to run

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Despite many calls for her to run for president, Michelle Obama has maintained that she has not considered a presidential run and has no intention of doing so.

Michelle Obama getting tired of the questions

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Michelle Obama says that she ‘detests’ being asked if she will run for president after repeatedly being asked the same question.

Obama answers the question in late 2022

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When pressed again in late 2022, the former first lady explicitly said, “I’m not going to run.” In the same interview, she said that Trump’s tenure still “hurts” her.

Is a No always a No?

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Most presidential candidates remain coy about their intentions to run for president until the last minute. Could Michelle Obama be playing coy while plotting a run?

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Biden eventually confirmed he is running

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Joe Biden kept Democrat supporters on edge until recently when he confirmed his intention to run alongside his current Vice-President, Kamala Harris.

Obama would be a popular Democrat choice

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Most Democrat supporters would likely be more comfortable throwing their weight behind Michelle Obama rather than the current Biden-Harris administration.

Enter the Democrat challengers

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The other confirmed Democrat challengers for 2024 are Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is anti-vaccine and is likely to push away many Democrat voters.

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Michelle Obama Unlikely to step on toes

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With Joe Biden currently occupying the White House, Michelle Obama is unlikely to throw her name into the hat. However, who’s to say this could not become a reality down the line?

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