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Thomas Homan Unveils Ambitious Deportation Plan

Historic Deportation Program

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Former ICE Director Thomas Homan has unveiled an ambitious plan to launch a historic deportation program if Trump returns to the White House in 2025. This program aims to address the growing immigration issue in the United States.

No One’s Excluded

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Homan has made a bold promise that no illegal immigrant would be “off the table” for enforcement under his proposed program. This signifies a comprehensive approach to tackling the issue, leaving no one exempt from potential deportation.

A Proud Badge of Honor

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Homan earned recognition during the Obama administration for leading ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). An article in The Washington Post praised his effectiveness in deportations, a distinction he considers a “badge of honor.” This recognition reflects his commitment to enforcing immigration laws.

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Leading ICE during the Trump Era

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Homan continued to lead ICE during the Trump administration when arrests and deportations saw a significant surge. A robust approach to immigration enforcement marked his leadership.

Decline in Deportations

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However, since the Biden administration took office, deportations have plummeted from a high of 267,258 in fiscal year 2019 to just 72,177 in fiscal year 2022. This significant drop has raised concerns about immigration enforcement.

Homan’s Defense Against Critics

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Homan has been an outspoken defender of ICE’s conduct under his leadership. During congressional hearings, he engaged in heated debates with left-wing critics, including Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Pramila Jayapal. His willingness to engage with critics reflects his commitment to his policies.

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Border911 Initiative

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Apart from his role in government, Homan also serves as the president and CEO of Border911, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Americans on the realities of border security. This initiative showcases his dedication to raising awareness about immigration issues.

A Possible Return to Government

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With Trump leading in GOP polls and promising to secure the border and deport millions if re-elected, Homan may soon return to a government position. His potential return could signify a renewed focus on immigration enforcement.

Historic Deportation Operation Ahead

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Homan envisions the need for a massive deportation operation, acknowledging the challenge of removing millions of illegal immigrants. This ambitious plan underscores his determination to address the immigration issue.

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Targeted Enforcement Approach

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He emphasizes that enforcement efforts won’t involve indiscriminate “sweeps” but rather targeted operations focusing on specific criminal illegal immigrants. This approach aims to prioritize public safety.

Logistics and Legislation Requirements

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Homan outlines the logistical requirements, including more detention beds, additional ICE agents, technical support, contractors, and changes in legislation to make those ignoring removal orders ineligible for future immigration benefits. These factors are essential for the successful execution of the deportation plan.

Upholding Due Process

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Homan underscores the importance of upholding due process by executing court decisions, arguing that deportations are essential for enforcing immigration laws and ending the ongoing border crisis. His commitment to due process highlights the need for fair and lawful immigration enforcement.

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