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Thousands to Protest APEC Summit in San Francisco, Demanding Focus on Human Needs

As the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit takes place in San Francisco, thousands of individuals are expected to gather downtown in protest against the event. The No to APEC Coalition has organized a peaceful march to demonstrate their opposition to the summit and demand prioritization of human needs over corporate greed. These protestors aim to convey their message to world leaders who are attending the APEC meetings at Moscone Center.

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Details of the Protest

The march, organized by the No to APEC Coalition, is set to begin at Harry Bridges Plaza at noon, located across from the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. Participants plan to proceed peacefully towards Moscone Center, the venue for the APEC meetings. The coalition has garnered support from various groups, including the United Auto Workers, the San Francisco Labor Council, the Palestinian Youth Movement, and grassroots organizations.

Peaceful Rally Against APEC and IPEF

Despite the heavy security presence, including the deployment of Secret Service agents and additional police forces, protestors are committed to maintaining nonviolent demonstrations. Their focus extends to not only opposing APEC but also expressing their disapproval of the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). The rally aims to voice concerns over the prioritization of corporate interests over human welfare.

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The APEC Summit and its Theme

President Joe Biden and other heads of state are attending the APEC summit in San Francisco. This marks the first time the US has hosted the summit in over a decade, with the theme of “building a resilient and sustainable future for all.” While world leaders gather to discuss economic cooperation and sustainable development, the protestors seek to remind them of the importance of considering the needs of ordinary individuals and communities.

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Impact on City Travel

Residents and commuters in San Francisco should anticipate traffic delays and street closures throughout the week due to the APEC summit and the accompanying protest. Increased security measures and the presence of world leaders will likely cause disruptions to regular traffic patterns.


Thousands of demonstrators are expected to converge in downtown San Francisco to protest the APEC summit, advocating for a focus on human needs and expressing their opposition to corporate greed. Despite the heavy security presence, participants plan to march peacefully to Moscone Center, where the APEC meetings are taking place. This protest offers an opportunity for individuals and organizations to voice their concerns and demands while world leaders gather to discuss economic cooperation and a sustainable future for all.

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