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‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Launches Challenge to President Biden from Jail


Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic or Tiger King, is running as a Democratic Party candidate in the presidential primary against President Joe Biden. Despite being incarcerated, Exotic aims to debate President Biden on his policies and promises, rallying support from fellow inmates and a large number of incarcerated individuals in the United States. While facing restrictions on voting rights due to his felony conviction, Exotic hopes to make the Democratic Party more inclusive and address various issues that he believes transcend party lines.\

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Key Points:

1. Challenging the Mainstream: Despite his unconventional profile, Exotic is running as a Democrat to bring change to the party. He acknowledges disagreements with certain party positions but believes in expanding the Democratic tent to accommodate a wider range of perspectives and beliefs.

2. Policy Platform: Exotic presents a left-wing populist agenda, expressing his views on several issues such as the national debt, military involvement, climate change, forest management, and more. He emphasizes his firsthand experience and understanding of the challenges faced by ordinary Americans, contrasting it with the perceived disconnect of politicians in cushy offices.

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3. Independence from Party Lines: Exotic argues that the United States, with its diverse population, cannot be governed by a single party. He aims to break the partisan divide and foster an inclusive environment where rights and opportunities are extended to all citizens, regardless of party affiliation.

4. The legitimacy of the Campaign: Despite limitations on traditional campaign activities, such as rallies and campaign videos, Exotic believes his platform and the seriousness with which people are taking his candidacy reflects the legitimacy of his issues. He calls for systemic change and believes his voice can make a difference.


Joe Exotic’s unexpected presidential campaign from jail brings attention to the challenges faced by felons seeking political participation. As he challenges President Biden in the Democratic primary, Exotic aims to promote a more inclusive Democratic Party and advocate for policy positions that resonate with a diverse range of voters. While his campaign faces limitations, his platform and commitment to change resonate with some Americans who believe the political system requires reform. Exotic’s unlikely candidacy sparks discussion about voting rights, representation, and the potential for unconventional candidates to influence political discourse.

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