Titan Invest Review: Best Robo Investor or One More Hedge Fund App?

Brent Davis - April 18, 2021

titan invest review
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Titan Invest is taking the robo-advisor world by storm with its brand new approach. Can it help your investment strategy, or will its popularity end and be replaced by more traditional hedge funds? If you have questions, read this Titan Invest review to get the answers.

Titan Invest: Overview

What is Titan Invest? It’s a new type of investing service with a robo-advising app’s overall structure and a team to help you. The staff at Titan are experts that conduct heavy research on your behalf. It’s not the same as a hedge fund because your money doesn’t combine with other people’s investments. Instead, unlike a hedge fund, your account is yours alone.

This service started with three entrepreneurs: Clayton Gardner, Joe Percoco, and Max Bernardy. All three previously worked for hedge funds, and they each bring a unique background, including software and investing experience. The rest of the team are mostly software engineers, wealth management professionals, marketers, and client service experts. It began in 2018, which makes it a relatively new opportunity. However, that hasn’t stopped 25,000 people from placing their hard-earned dollars in this investing company’s hands. 

The culture of this business focuses on detail and dedication, and they think long-term for investments. They have concrete strategies in place and are consistently working on behalf of their investors.

What makes this investment app different from others is its approach to the stock market. Instead of investing in many companies, the team is so confident in their ability to pick winning stocks that they invest in only 20 single stocks each for large-cap and small/mid-cap. They claim to outperform the S&P 500 and Betterment, among others.

How Does the Titan Invest App Work?

You can download the Titan Invest app with Apple or Android. It’s highly rated and simple to install. From there, you can sign up for the platform. They require an amount of at least $100.00 once you begin investing funds.

how to invest

When you sign up, the app asks you a series of questions, including contact information, occupation, and what type of account you’d like, either an individual investing account or an IRA.

 Other questions the app asks:

  • Net worth
  • How long you’ve been investing
  • How long you are planning on investing with the company
  • Yearly income
  • Investing style: conservative, moderate, or aggressive

One surprising thing is if you have less than $10,000 to invest, then the 1% annual fee does not apply. Titan will instead charge you a $5.00 fee per month for the service.

One unique feature is the wealth calculator. It helps you understand how much your funds could be worth. You can adjust the amounts, time, and return rate.

The app also includes information about how their investments perform. It consists of a rundown of the company’s performance from the beginning. It contains details about which companies are bringing in the highest profits and seeing the worst returns. Also, there’s an explanatory video and easy access to your portfolio. 

The app is made with young millennial investors in mind, though it’s easy to get started even if you’re not comfortable with technology due to the straightforward setup.

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Is Titan Invest Legit?

Titan Invest is a legitimate company with thorough security features. They take many precautions to make sure your information isn’t compromised.

investment app

It is a highly-rated app that claims major success in beating the usual market return rates. They’re also SIPC insured, which is a good thing for you as an investor. However, as Titan Invest is only a few years old, there’s much unknown about this company’s long-term growth. We only know what we’ve seen in less than a decade, which may not be enough to convince some investors. 

There are two sides to this app being new. Some will view it as a good opportunity . . . similar to a hedge fund, but without complications. Others will see it as untested, preferring to safeguard their money with platforms with a longer track record. Bottom line: this app is not a scam. However, it’s not for everyone.

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Titan Invest Features

Third-Party Integrations

You can link your Titan account with Mint or Personal Capital. They’ve made the process seamless and may potentially add Quicken as well. It can make investing even easier because you can keep everything connected. 

Account Types

Traditional and Roth IRA options are available with this platform. You can pick whichever one you prefer based on your investment strategies.

titan invest

You’re free to create your IRA directly through this platform or rollover your retirement accounts into Titan if you want. If you prefer, you may place your money into individual investments instead. Titan takes your investment amount and divides it up equally between their 20 different stocks.

Withdrawals & Deposits

Titan charges no fees for instant depositing money into your account. If you prefer an automated approach, you can set up a recurring deposit to make your investing effortless. If you withdraw, you must take out at least $100.00. It’s incredibly convenient compared to hedge funds. 

Titan Invest Account Custodians: Apex Clearing Corporation

APEX Clearing Corporation is a well-respected company that works with Titan Invest. It’s been in operation since 2012, when it was started by Peak 6. Its SIPC coverage offers protection for investors if a company is unsuccessful. Other well-known Robo-advisors, such as Wealthsimple and Betterment, trust Apex Clearing Corporation with their own companies. 

Is the Titan Invest App Safe?

Whenever dealing with digital investing opportunities, you want to know that you can trust the company handling your money. The Titan Invest app keeps your information secure through 256-bit encryption and SSL. Since they’re SIPC insured through APEX Clearing Corporation, you have protection up to $500,000.00. This is only if the company were to fail, however.

investing app

We can conclude in this Titan Invest review that the app is as safe as most other robo-advising apps out there. However, the risk factor of the investments is another matter. You can lose funds in this type of investment due to market fluctuations or the company choosing the wrong stocks.

Titan Invest Cancellation Policy

You are always free to cancel your account at any time and take your money out of the app. However, you will still have to pay an advisory fee. It will also take a couple of days or so for your money to get to you.

Since this is an investing company, there’s no way to ensure that you will make money with this app. It’s likely, based on their current track record, but not guaranteed. Because of that, if you choose to withdraw, which you can do without fees, you will receive the money that’s in your account at that time.

It’s essential to remember that long-term investments take time. Titan works to profit over a 3-5 year period for both their large and small/mid-cap investments. If you can’t commit to keeping your funds in an account for several years, you may not see much by way of interest, and you likely won’t make money. Committing to at least five years and usually much longer is a more reliable strategy for investing.

How Much Does Titan Invest Cost?

The usual amount needed is $100.00 to begin investing. However, there is a free option. You can start without an upfront investment. It is a nice feature if you’re looking around to see if you like the app. Then you can be confident about adding funds to your account.

titan invest cost

There is also a unique referral program set up by Titan. If you invite enough people to join you on the app and open up accounts, you can get rid of the 1% advisory fee. 

Titan Invest Performance Review

Overall, the app is easy to navigate, and it’s simple to set up an account. It’s as secure as other reputable robo-advisors, and you can withdraw your money at any time if you feel that Titan isn’t for you. 

This product appeals to millennials in particular because of the ease of using a robo-advisor app for investing. It’s convenient, and you can get started without a large number of funds.  

Their company is composed of well-educated investors and tech professionals. There are many successful people involved in this startup, which may ease a new investor’s mind.

But there is the issue of the individual stocks. Titan claims to pick the best ones that outperform the market, and so far, they’ve been successful in doing so. However, a track record of just a few years does not necessarily mean that they will be successful long-term.

The website gives much information about their stock performance, the team, and more. The app has excellent reviews from many people, and it seems clients enjoy having the benefits of easy robo-investing while also receiving personalized attention for their accounts.

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Titan Invest: Pros and Cons

Titan is a sophisticated app with a great team behind it. However, everyone has different preferences for investing. Check out all the app’s great points and opportunities for improvement.

titan invest pros and cons


  • Mobile-friendly robo-advisor
  • Quick sign up and you can begin immediately
  • Can remove money from Titan at any time with no fees
  • Can begin investing with just $100.00
  • Good track record
  • Uses a combination of tech and analysis from the team to pick investments
  • Team members worked for successful companies before joining Titan
  • Highly rated app
  • It offers some protection for your funds when the market isn’t performing well, based on your personalized account.


  • It limits the selection to just 20 single stocks.
  • Potentially high-risk
  • Still very new (since 2018), so the track record cannot yet determine long-term value
  • There’s an annual management fee for the service.
  • They have a $5.00 fee per month for accounts with less than $10,000.00 in funds.
  • IRA termination fee is $60.00 per account

Is Titan Invest Right for Me?

Investing is a very personal decision based on factors like age, risk tolerance, and preference. Titan Invest could be right for you if you are:

  • High-risk, high-reward focused
  • Comfortable with many unknowns
  • Young enough to ride out a market downturn
  • Prefer to be very involved with your investments
  • Enjoy learning about new types of companies and trends
  • Are tech-savvy and enjoy using robo-advisors

titan invest

If you feel that you fall into a few of these categories, then Titan Invest is probably an excellent opportunity for you. 

Titan Invest Reviews from Clients

The real test of any product is what others are saying about it. There are some good Titan Invest review threads out there, mixed with comments that aren’t as favorable. 

A statement from Robo Report on the Titan Invest website says this:

“Over the last quarter, Titan had the best one-period return above/below the benchmark we have ever witnessed.”

It also received a 4.5-star rating with Investor.com

Reddit’s reviews were not as positive, with people claiming that their portfolios were down. They also expressed concern over the lack of information available (though it’s been long enough now for new information to come up online). However, their worries got addressed by Titan Invest in the comments, so they do work hard to respond to questions from investors. 

Titan does have a stunning 4.8-star review record on their app, with evaluations from over 1600 customers. Clients mention how much they enjoy the app. They also state that they’re happy with the amount of information available and received good customer service. 

titan invest customer service

The reviews are mostly positive, and since the company is still less than five years old, it may take some more time to establish a pattern. But so far, it seems like Titan is winning with investors.

Final Review: Is Titan Invest Worth It?

This Titan Invest review attempts to answer the big question: should you place your hard-earned money in the Titan Invest app, or invest in a hedge fund? If you are more risk-averse and are unsure about the company, it may be best to wait a while. However, if you feel that you can stand a reasonable amount of uncertainty and enjoy working with startups, this could be a great solution for you.

If you’re unsure, perhaps begin with a small number of funds, such as the $100.00 minimum. Opening an account and giving yourself time to learn could make all the difference in determining whether Titan Invest is right for you.

Far from being just another hedge fund or robo-advisors app, this company is so far proving itself to be capable of accomplishing what all investors hope to do . . . make a higher than average profit. It brings the convenience of robo-advising to a generation that prefers apps for their financial management. Given time, in the opinion of this Titan Invest review, it could become one of the best investing apps available for single stocks.

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Brent Davis has been writing about the financial markets for 10 years and worked in research for the last five years at a Fortune 500 company. Brent's investing strategy is to buy high-quality companies and then let compounding do its thing.