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Top Conservative Group Declares ‘Bidenomics is Broken’ in National Ad Campaign

In a bold move, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a powerful fiscally conservative and libertarian political advocacy group, is launching a nationwide grassroots and paid advertising campaign to shed light on what they claim to be the detrimental impact of President Biden’s economic policies on communities across the country.

AFP’s “Bidenomics is Broken” campaign will feature over 500 events, including Bidenomics BBQs in states where the president is promoting his economic agenda. With a six-figure ad buy in all 50 states, the campaign includes compelling digital spots that emphasize why voters believe Bidenomics is causing an increase in the cost of living.

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Unaffordable Life under Bidenomics

The campaign’s videos leave no room for doubt as they highlight the consequences of President Biden’s economic policies. Viewers are reminded of the record-high inflation, soaring gas prices and home energy costs, interest rates doubling, and skyrocketing grocery bills.

The narrator bluntly asks, “When Biden brags about the economy thriving, do YOU believe him?” It’s a rhetorical question that resonates with many Americans who are feeling the pinch of unaffordable living expenses.

President Biden’s Economic Narrative

As President Biden gears up for his re-election campaign, he and his supporters have been extolling the virtues of “Bidenomics” at events nationwide. The president emphasizes his economic agenda’s positive impact on the middle class, with a focus on job creation and infrastructure investments.

In a recent speech, he declared, “Bidenomics is about the future” and framed it as a way to restore the American Dream.

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Public Opinion and the Economy

Despite promising economic indicators and receding recession fears, public opinion polls indicate that Americans are not giving President Biden much credit. His approval ratings on the economy remain low, reflecting the general sentiment that things are not going well.

A recent Fox News national poll revealed that a majority of voters expressed dissatisfaction with the country’s direction and continued to view economic conditions negatively. Additionally, few voters believed they were making financial progress.

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AFP’s Grassroots Efforts and Reality Check

Americans for Prosperity, founded and financed by the Koch brothers, has a powerful grassroots network spanning all 50 states. While their paid ad campaigns are noteworthy, their real strength lies in their extensive grassroots outreach efforts. AFP’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Akash Chougule, stated that they aim to bring economic reality to the Biden administration’s misleading claims through their campaign. According to Chougule, voters across the country are in agreement: ‘Bidenomics’ is detrimental to the economy.

Families continue to struggle with high prices and stagnant wages, which are a result of the administration’s reckless spending and regulatory policies. Positive economic signs are few and far between, and Americans are looking for policies that will truly lower costs and create opportunities for everyone.

Demanding Economic Policies That Work

As AFP’s campaign gains momentum, its message is clear: Americans need more than campaign buzzwords; they need policies that will alleviate the financial burden and expand opportunities. Lowering costs and fostering economic growth should be the priorities of any administration.

It remains to be seen how President Biden will respond to this conservative challenge and whether his economic agenda can truly address the concerns of the American people.

Join the Conversation

What are your thoughts on the “Bidenomics is Broken” campaign by Americans for Prosperity? Do you believe that Biden’s economic policies are making life unaffordable? Share your opinions in the comments below and join the conversation.

Let’s engage in a constructive discussion about the future of the economy and the policies needed to create prosperity for all. Don’t forget to share this article to raise awareness and encourage others to voice their perspectives. Together, we can shape the economic landscape of our nation.

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