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Tory Lanez Receives 10-Year Prison Sentence in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Case

Rapper Tory Lanez has been handed a 10-year prison sentence in connection with the shooting case involving fellow artist Megan Thee Stallion.

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The sentence was officially delivered after a series of delays and legal motions in a case that has stirred controversy within the hip-hop community. The Los Angeles Superior Court proceedings took place with arguments presented by both the prosecution and defense teams.

Judge Herriford considered the recommended 13-year sentence but ultimately imposed a 10-year term. Under California State law, Lanez is likely to serve about 85% of the sentence.

Despite acknowledging Lanez’s lack of a significant criminal record and not deeming him a threat to public safety, the judge dismissed the defense’s claims of PTSD and alcohol abuse as insufficient to meet the legal standards.

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Judge Herriford highlighted that “actions have consequences” and that there are no winners in this case.

Prior to the sentencing, Lanez expressed care for Megan, labeling her a “friend” and admitting his own immaturity and mistakes related to the incident. During the court proceedings, over 70 letters of support were presented for Lanez, including one from rapper Iggy Azalea and even Lanez’s young son.

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Lanez’s father also apologized for a courtroom outburst during his son’s initial conviction in December 2022. The judge accepted two of the three aggravating factors cited by the prosecution, including Lanez’s use of a semi-automatic firearm and his vulnerability as a victim.

The third factor, Lanez’s alleged callousness, and harm caused to Megan Thee Stallion, was declined. Megan Thee Stallion’s victim impact statement was delivered by the District Attorney on her behalf, asserting that she has not experienced a day of peace since the incident.

She accused Lanez of attempting to destroy her character and trauma, spreading false information, and using his own childhood trauma as a defense. Lanez was convicted in December 2022 for assault with a semi-automatic firearm, having an unregistered firearm, and discharging a firearm with gross negligence.

His legal team plans to file an appeal against the conviction.

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