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Trader Cobb Review: Is It Legit? (2024)

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Trader Cobb offers an extensive and insightful crash course on the world of crypto. But is it worth your time and money? Follow along with our Trader Cobb review to find out!

tradercobb review

What Is Trader Cobb?

Trader Cobb is a program created by Craig Cobb that offers comprehensive educational courses and provides trading strategies for beginners and intermediates looking to trade crypto.

The platform is based in Australia and helps people gain valuable trading experience, providing daily videos, an online community, and a live trading floor. The trading strategies help you learn crypto trading from the most basic level up to the most intricate.

Here are some crucial skill sets that its courses can teach you:

  • Three simple strategies that could work in any market conditions
  • How to develop a positive crypto trading mindset
  • Risk management and technical analysis
  • Money management and tracking trades

These courses aren’t just for beginners; they teach much more than the trading basics. But some educational material is designed to help newcomers learn the ropes.

Trader Cobb offers free tools and paid course content that helps you understand how trading crypto works and how to best monitor the crypto market to spot promising opportunities.

There are also paid services that Master Course graduates have exclusive access to.

tradercobb review

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Who Is Craig Cobb?

Craig Cobb is a Sydney-based entrepreneur, trader, and globally recognized educator who co-founded Trader Cobb in his native Australia in 2017. Cobb perfected his trading and understanding of the stock market by participating in the London Exchange.

Cobb also heads the Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast, which regularly rolls out insights on everything blockchain. Although the podcast is a great resource for learning about the latest crypto news and events, his premium services provide his best insights.

With over a decade of experience in traditional markets, he has learned how to apply strategies, knowledge, and emotional intelligence to the complicated world of cryptocurrency.

Craig Cobb teaches three trading strategies based on how the crypto market operates, using multiple indicators and focusing on understanding price before all else. His trading mantra has long been prioritizing risk management before profits.

And Cobb’s main focus is improving the mindsets of his students before they jump into trades.

Cobb is known for his no-nonsense approach to teaching, but he has also received praise for his ability to offer straightforward, detailed instruction.

His work has been featured by Forbes, Sky News, and the New York Stock Exchange.

tradercobb reviews

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What’s Included With Trader Cobb?

  • Trader Cobb Courses
  • Mentoring
  • Live Trading Floor
  • Slack Community
  • Crypto Show


Each Trader Cobb course helps you learn cryptocurrency trading fundamentals. The educational platform offers free and paid course content, with the free content including 3.5 hours of videos, while the paid content includes over 8.5 hours of video content.

There are two main courses packed with individual lessons about the crypto space:

  • Become a Trader
  • Become a Master

Become a Trader Course (Free)

This Trader Cobb course is the free version of the platform and provides beginners with everything they need to hit the ground running in the crypto market. It could be a good refresher for intermediates and experts, but the paid services offer more insights.

This beginner course includes:

  • Getting Started – Overview, Introduction to Trading, Basics & Lingo, Recap, and more.
  • Mastering Price Action Overview, Trends, Chart Patterns, Using Moving Averages, Candles, Multiple Time Frames, Indicators, and more.
  • Setting Up Your Accounts – Overview, TradingView Account Setup, Exchanges Account Setup, News & Information, and more.

Become a Master Course (Premium)

If you’re looking to become a full-time trader, the Master Course gives you access to a range of tools and strategies to help you trade crypto effectively. This will be the go-to crypto course for any experience level.

The Master Course includes:

  • The Bitcoin Breakout Strategy – Bitcoin Breakout Section Overview, The Bitcoin Breakout Strategy, Examples, and more.
  • The Crypto Cradle Strategy – Crypto Cradle Section Overview, The Crypto Cradle Strategy, Examples, and more.
  • The Fibonacci Booster Strategy The Fibonacci Booster Section Overview, The Fibonacci Booster Strategy, Practicals, Examples, Entry & Stop Placement, and more.
  • Managing Your Risk – Overview, Understanding Risk & Money Management, Trade Risk Reward, Positive Crypto Trading Mindset, Keeping Records, Common Mistakes, and more.
  • Toolbox – How to Raise Orders on FTX, How to Short on FTX, and Hands-on Guide to Binance Margin.

tradercobb reviews

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Another perk of Trader Cobb is that you get private mentorship sessions with Craig Cobb, who can teach you beyond the vast course content that he offers.

Additionally, the program provides one-on-one mentoring with one of Craig Cobb’s partners. This mentor assists traders with developing strong trading ideas, fine-tuning the basics, and improving their trading strategies.

Trader Cobb’s mentorship program also features an apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship program allows you to work with Craig Cobb and a three-person group of traders for one year.

Previous apprentices have spoken about having success in the crypto market because of this aspect of the mentorship program. Other apprentices have reported double-digit returns from trading.

Finally, the Trader Cobb inner circle allows for more mentoring sessions with professional, full-time traders.

You have to apply to be a part of the inner circle, as it has limited availability.

tradercob services

Live Trading Floor (Premium)

The live trading floor from Trader Cobb offers live market scans and breakdown of  Cobb’s top ten trades.

With the live trading floor, you get to watch Craig Cobb and his team scan the market for major caps.

Plus, you get to see the different margin pairs that are available each day. You can see the margin list, spots lists, and the US dollar tether list.

Cobb encourages users to ask as many questions as possible and develop a checklist based on the key tips they get.

The Live Trading Floor can be found within The Crypto Show.

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Slack Community (Premium)

Trader Cobb’s slack community is an online forum where Master Course graduates can interact with one another and share trading set-ups, receive feedback on trades, and chat with other members about trading crypto.

Something that we really appreciate here is that it’s only open to members who completed the course. The TraderCobb service could let anyone join, but it specifically only allows entrants who can make the most of the Slack Community.

It’s clear that Trader Cobb is invested in your crypto education, and curates its services to provide real value based on where you’re at in your trading journey.

Crypto Show

Crypto Show offers a variety of locked videos as part of its paid content, including live scans and tips on understanding breakout levels.

There are free videos for you to access, however. The free videos include live market scans, the crypto watchlist, insights from Trader Cobb apprentices, and Top 10 market analysis.

There are also beginner call videos to help newcomers learn how to trade.

tradercobb reviews

Is Trader Cobb Legit?

Trader Cobb is a legitimate platform that is highly regarded by users, who commend it for helping them gain a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and trading.

The course information provided is very detailed and useful. Cobb provides as much insight as possible, whether directly or through his team, so you can take one step closer toward becoming a master of crypto trading.

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tradercobb reviews

Trader Cobb Pros and Cons


  • Excellent crypto education
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Supportive trading community
  • Free courses that offer a crash course into the crypto world
  • Video Lessons are great for visual learners


  • On the pricey side
  • Only deals in crypto

Trader Cobb Reviews

Trader Cobb reviews appear to be overwhelmingly positive, with many citing Craig Cobb’s teaching style, course quality, and emphasis on managing risk to improve profit-making capabilities.

Here are a few of those reviews:

trader cobb reviews

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How Much Does Trader Cobb Cost?

Trader Cobb offers one free and three paid services:

Become a Trader Course – Free

Become a Master Course – $899

Live Trading Floor – ($247/mo)

Slack Community – ($75/mo)

Some of these offerings are a little more expensive than TraderCobb’s competitors. That said, these are premium services that offer you access to a wealth of content that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

trader cobb review


Trader Cobb Discount

Trader Cobb is providing limited-time offers to access its free and paid course content.

The limited-time offer for the free content doesn’t require you to use a credit card to access it.

Trader Cobb Cancellation Policy

Trader Cobb offers a 10-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the course content and services.

The guarantee applies 10 days from the purchasing date rather than the attendance date. However, the guarantee is automatically voided if you attended any events within the 10 days.

You will be refunded the subscription fee if Trader Cobb is unable to provide you with the requisite services. The refund is a proportional amount of the subscription fee that the member in question has not used.

Refunds are only processed if less than half of the content has been viewed and members haven’t downloaded documents from the Members’ dashboard.

Is Trader Cobb Right for Me?

Trader Cobb has plenty to offer anyone interested in crypto trading. That being said, some folks could get more out of the service than others.

The program will likely appeal most to beginners and intermediates — though, experts could still find a lot to like.

Is Trader Cobb Worth It?

Trader Cobb is a great value and well worth the sticker price.

Videos are on-demand, so you can watch and take notes at any time, and you get access to simple strategies that could take your crypto trading game up a notch.

There is also a lot of support available, including the mentorship program.

You can watch a professional trader guide you through all the necessary steps to manage risk and develop more measured trading strategies.

If you’re looking for quality trading education, Trader Cobb strategies could be an excellent place to start.

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