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Tragic Incident: 7-Year-Old Boy and Mother Die After Falling from Ferry; Swedish Police Investigate as Homicide


A seven-year-old Polish boy and his mother tragically lost their lives after falling from a ferry traveling from Sweden to Poland. Swedish authorities have opened a preliminary homicide investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident, though no suspects have been identified yet. The investigation aims to shed light on what happened during the tragic event.

Key Details:

1. Incident Report: The boy fell from the Stena Spirit ferry, which was en route from Sweden to Poland, and his mother jumped into the sea in an apparent rescue attempt. The fall occurred from a height of approximately 65 feet, as reported by the Swedish Maritime Administration.

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2. Rescue Efforts and Tragic Outcome: Passengers aboard the ferry witnessed the distressing incident, and a helicopter was deployed to search for and rescue the missing pair. Despite their efforts, both the mother and her son were later pronounced dead after being transported to a Swedish hospital.

Credits: DepositPhotos

3. Polish Police Confirmation: Polish authorities confirmed the deaths after unsuccessful resuscitation attempts. The mother had spent 59 minutes in the water, while her son was in the water for 66 minutes before being recovered.

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4. Investigation and Cooperation: Swedish prosecutors have initiated a homicide investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. The ferry company, Stena Line, is cooperating with the authorities to understand the causes and circumstances of the tragic event.

5. Seeking Information: Swedish police have appealed to Polish passengers through Poland’s state-run news agency, PAP, for any information that could help explain how the accident occurred.


The tragic incident involving the fall of a seven-year-old boy and his mother from a ferry has prompted a homicide investigation by Swedish authorities. While the investigation aims to uncover the details surrounding the incident, the heart-wrenching loss serves as a reminder of the importance of safety measures and vigilance during maritime travel.

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