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Trans Disc Golfer Banned In California Then Wins Tournament In Virginia


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

The Journey of Natalie Ryan

Description: This outlines the events surrounding Natalie Ryan, a trans disc golfer, and her participation in disc golf tournaments.

The California Tournament

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Title: Participation in California

Description: Natalie Ryan, a male-born disc golfer, participated in a women’s tournament in California.

The Legal Battle

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Title: The Disc Golf Pro Tour’s Appeal

Description: The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) won an appeal to maintain its rules that restrict transgender athletes.

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Temporary Right to Compete

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Title: Initial Court Ruling

Description: Natalie was initially given a temporary right to compete in the women’s category in the California tournament.

Barred from the Tournament

Title: Final Court Ruling

Description: The DGPT prevailed in court, and Natalie was barred from finishing the tournament in California.

The Virginia Tournament

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Title: Entry into Virginia Tournament

Description: Natalie entered a tournament in Virginia in the women’s category after the California tournament.

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Victory in Virginia

Photo Credit:@natalieryan114560 on Instagram

Title: Winning in Virginia

Description: Natalie won the tournament in Virginia, beating five other women.

The Lead

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Title: The Score

Description: Natalie finished the Virginia tournament with a 24-point lead over the second-place competitor.

The Disc Samples

Photo Credit:@natalieryan114560 on Instagram

Title: Disc Samples Arrival

Description: Natalie’s disc samples arrived around the time of her victory in Virginia.

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Comparison with Lia Thomas

Photo Credit:@liakthomas on Instagram

Title: A Parallel in Sports

Description: Natalie’s rise in women’s disc golf drew comparisons with NCAA trans swimmer Lia Thomas.

The Rankings

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Title: Natalie’s Ranking

Description: Natalie is now ranked in the top five of women’s disc golfers.

The Second Court Decision

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Title: The Second Ruling

Description: A federal court invalidated the initial ruling that allowed Natalie to play in the California tournament.

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Accusation of Discrimination

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Title: The Accusation

Description: The initial ruling was based on the accusation that the DGPT’s rules were discriminatory.

Post-Tournament Events

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Title: After the Tournaments

Description: Natalie continued to compete in disc golf tournaments following the events in California and Virginia.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Title: Recap of Events

Description: This outlined the events surrounding Natalie Ryan’s participation in disc golf tournaments in California and Virginia.

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