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Transgender Athlete Breaks Women’s National Powerlifting Record in Canada

Anne Andres, a 40-year-old transgender athlete who identifies as a woman, has set a new national record at the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s 2023

Western Canadian Championship.

Credit: DepositPhotos

Competing in the Female Masters Unequipped category, Andres outperformed other female competitors by a significant margin, lifting a total weight that was over 200lbs more than the top-performing female in the same category.

This achievement not only secured Andres first place in the competition but also established a possible unofficial women’s world powerlifting record.

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Andres, who has multiple records in the female division and has consistently excelled in powerlifting competitions, took part in the championship according to the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s “Trans Inclusion Policy.” This policy allows individuals to participate in sports competitions based on their gender identity, without requiring them to undergo hormone therapy.

This approach to inclusivity has stirred debate and criticism from various quarters, with concerns about fairness and competition integrity.

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Critics, including Linda Blade, founder of the International Consortium on Female Sport, argue that such inclusion can lead to unfair advantages, particularly when athletes assigned male at birth compete against cisgender women without undergoing hormone therapy.

Blade and others have raised concerns about the potential impact on fair competition and female athletes’ opportunities.

Andres expressed gratitude for the support and acceptance from fellow athletes and celebrated the win on social media, highlighting the importance of being able to compete as her authentic self.

The situation reflects the ongoing complexities and discussions surrounding transgender participation in sports, with questions about inclusivity, fairness, and the balance between personal identity and competition integrity..

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