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Transgender cyclist wins women’s race to spark controversy, prove male-born competitors’ advantages

Na Hwa-rin, a transgender cyclist, recently made headlines by winning a race in the female category.

However, Na’s victory was not solely about personal achievement; it was a deliberate attempt to stir controversy and draw attention to the advantages that male-born athletes possess, regardless of their gender ‘identity.’

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Na apologizes for winning, offers female athletes energy drinks

In an interview, Na expressed readiness to face transphobic remarks, emphasizing the goal of having her story heard through competition.

While Na emerged victorious, there was a bittersweet sentiment surrounding the win. She admitted feeling sorry for her female competitors and described her emotions at crossing the finish line as more relieved than triumphant.

To make amends, Na reportedly offered other athletes energy drinks as a gesture of apology.

Na calls for a third gender category in sports

Na believes that the current binary system in sports is flawed and that a third gender category would be a fair solution.

She argues that the existing system discourages women, as their hard work may go unrecognized due to the participation of transgender athletes.

Gender inclusivity means a more ‘equitable playing field’

Simultaneously, Na recognizes that male-to-female transgender athletes will never be truly honored for their wins, no matter their dedication and effort.

 Thus, a gender-inclusive approach would ensure a more equitable playing field.

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No honor in female sports transgender inclusion

Photo Credit: DepositPhotos

Honor holds tremendous significance for Na and, indeed, for all athletes.

She emphasizes that the situation surrounding transgender participation in sports denies this honor to everyone involved. According to Na, it should not be the case, and steps should be taken to rectify the imbalance.

House of Reps. ban male participation in female sports

The issue of transgender participation in women’s sports has been a subject of ongoing debate.

In April, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a ban on men participating in women’s sports competitions, but the decision remains highly controversial.

Athletes hold differing views; some express no concerns about competing alongside transgender athletes, while others perceive it as unfair.

Lia Thomas’ cheap ascent to NCAA championship glory

Among the notable examples in this ongoing discourse is Lia Thomas, who made headlines when she won NCAA championships in March 2022.

Before transitioning, Thomas ranked #462 but quickly rose to the top position on the women’s team after her transition. Reports suggest she may have been two months behind schedule for hormone treatment in 2022.

Tennis icon criticizes transgender inclusion in female sports

Prominent figures, including tennis ace and LGBTQ icon Martina Navratilova, have weighed in on the topic.

Navratilova criticized including transgender women in women’s competitions, labeling it insane and cheating.

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Transgender participation in sports an ongoing controversy

On the other hand, basketball player Brittney Griner voiced support for transgender athletes, deeming it a “crime” to separate individuals for any reason.

The debate surrounding transgender participation in sports continues, highlighting the need for careful consideration and thoughtful policies to balance inclusivity and fairness.


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