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Transgender Influencer Dylan Mulvaney Seeks Speaking Gigs After Bud Light Controversy

Transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who sparked a backlash against Bud Light due to a promotional campaign, is now seeking speaking engagements at colleges and universities. In an Instagram Story, Mulvaney shared a link for followers to request the influencer for public speaking events, focusing on topics such as LGBTQIA+ advocacy, social media, women’s empowerment, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Mulvaney’s agency, Creative Arts Agency (CAA), represents the influencer for speaking inquiries.

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Mulvaney’s Background and Impact

According to CAA’s website, Dylan Mulvaney is described as a “Trans Actress and Content Creator,” and their TikTok series titled “Days of Girlhood,” chronicling their transgender journey, gained significant attention with over 750 million views in less than 100 days. The campaign with Bud Light, featuring the influencer’s face on promotional cans, triggered protests and caused a decline in Bud Light’s sales, dropping from the top-selling beer in America to No. 14. Sales have reportedly fallen nearly 30% compared to June 2022, with no signs of a rebound.

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Response to Backlash and Travel to Peru

Mulvaney faced significant backlash following the Bud Light campaign and traveled to Peru, as revealed in a TikTok video, to “feel safe.” The influencer described their experiences in Peru, including shaman ceremonies that were emotionally transformative.

Mulvaney expressed disappointment with Bud Light for not publicly defending them, stating that such actions allow customers to express transphobia and hate freely.


The controversy surrounding the Bud Light campaign and Dylan Mulvaney highlights the complexities of social media influencer marketing and the potential consequences of brands aligning themselves with controversial figures. Mulvaney’s pursuit of speaking engagements may provide a platform to share their experiences and advocacy on various social issues, including LGBTQIA+ rights and empowerment.

Meanwhile, the impact of the Bud Light controversy on the brand’s sales illustrates the significant influence public opinion and social media can have on consumer choices.

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