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Transgender Men Challenge Miss Italia’s “Women from Birth” Rule: Over 100 Enter In Protest

More than 100 transgender men have registered for this year’s Miss Italia beauty pageant to protest the organizer’s rule that only “biological women” can compete. The controversial clause has sparked backlash from Italian trans activists, who are striving for inclusivity and visibility for trans individuals in the pageant.

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Miss Italia’s Transphobic Rule Sparks Outcry

Miss Italia organizer Patrizia Mirigliani recently reiterated the pageant’s longstanding rule that contestants must be “women from birth,” dismissing the idea of including trans women as “absurd.” This stance drew swift condemnation from the LGBTQ+ community, especially in the wake of Rikki Valerie Kollé, a trans woman, being crowned Miss Netherlands 2023, a historic first for the Dutch pageant.

A Stand for Visibility and Inclusivity

Responding to Mirigliani’s statements, over 100 trans men have signed up for Miss Italia in protest. Federico Barbarossa, an activist from southern Italy, spearheaded the campaign, aiming to challenge the pageant’s “outdated” views on gender and biology. The participants want to shed light on the truth of trans people and advocate for their inclusion and acceptance.

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Miss Italia and the Ongoing Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric in Italy

The Miss Italia registration campaign coincides with a backdrop of anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment in Italy. The country elected far-right Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on a platform opposing LGBTQ+ rights and “gender ideology.” Under her administration, officials in various Italian cities have removed lesbian mothers’ names from their children’s birth certificates.

Contrasting Miss Italia with Miss Universe

It’s essential to note that Miss Italia is not affiliated with the international Miss Universe beauty pageant, which welcomes trans women. Thai trans businesswoman Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip acquired the Miss Universe franchise, expressing the commitment to embrace diversity and inclusivity.

Rikki Valerie Kollé, the first openly trans winner of Miss Netherlands, will represent her country at Miss Universe 2023, following the footsteps of Angela Ponce, who represented Spain as the first openly trans contestant in 2018.

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