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Trio of New York Teens Shot in Times Square, Despite ‘Gun-Free’ Designation

Three teenagers in New York City were wounded in a shooting incident that occurred in Times Square on Monday night. The incident is notable because Times Square was designated as a “gun-free zone” by New York City Mayor Eric Adams in October. Despite this designation, the shooting took place, raising concerns about the effectiveness of such measures in preventing gun violence.

The Shooting Incident:

New York Police Department (NYPD) officers responded to a call reporting a shooting at West 42nd Street and 7th Avenue near Red Lobster at approximately 11:47 p.m. The officers discovered a 15-year-old and an 18-year-old male with gunshot wounds to their legs at the scene.

Another male victim, aged 17, was later found with a graze wound to his shoulder. All three victims were taken to hospitals and reported to be in stable condition.

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Investigation and Suspect Description:

According to the NYPD, the victims were engaged in a dispute with an unknown individual in front of 5 Times Square, during which the suspect fired a weapon, striking the victims. The suspect then fled the scene on foot. The NYPD described the suspect as wearing dark clothing and carrying a brown backpack. Ballistic evidence was recovered, and the investigation is ongoing.

Credits: DepositPhotos

Gun-Free Zone Designation:

Times Square was declared a “gun-free zone” by Mayor Eric Adams in October, following the enactment of a statewide law banning firearms from “sensitive places,” including schools, playgrounds, and Times Square. The U.S. Supreme Court allowed the enforcement of New York’s law in January, although a legal challenge by gun rights activists is ongoing.

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Criticism and Concerns:

The shooting in Times Square has raised questions about the effectiveness of gun-free zone designations in preventing gun violence. Despite the designated status, the incident occurred, highlighting the challenges of enforcing such restrictions.

Critics argue that the shooting undermines the claim that Adams’ policies and gun violence reduction strategies have contributed to a decrease in overall shooting incidents in the city.


The shooting of three teenagers in Times Square, despite its “gun-free zone” designation, has reignited debates about the efficacy of such measures in preventing gun violence. As the investigation continues, the incident underscores the need for comprehensive approaches to address gun violence, including enforcement, community engagement, and addressing root causes.

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