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Trump Attorney Slams Report by Monitor in Civil Fraud Trial

Clifford Robert, the attorney representing former President Donald Trump, has strongly criticized a report issued by the independent monitor overseeing the Trump Organization’s finances.

The report, prepared by Barbara Jones, has been contested by Robert as an inaccurate portrayal of the company’s financial status, aimed at justifying ongoing scrutiny.

Trump’s Civil Fraud Trial

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Trump faces a civil fraud trial initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who accuses him of inflating his net worth to secure more favorable loan terms.

Trump denies any wrongdoing, and a verdict in the case is expected soon.

Trump Attorney’s Rebuke

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In response to the report, Trump attorney Chris Kise expressed his dismay, alleging that Barbara Jones’s report exaggerated insignificant financial issues within the Trump Organization.

Kise argued that this was an attempt to bolster the Attorney General’s case and validate the $2.6 million in fees collected by Jones.

“Truly a Joke”

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Kise stated, “This is truly a joke. Indeed, it is shocking that President Trump has been forced to pay millions for a Monitor to prove what he has said from the outset, namely, there is no financial reporting misconduct, no fraud, and simply no basis for this abusive process to continue.”

Monitor Barbara Jones’ Role

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Barbara Jones was appointed as the independent monitor for the Trump Organization by Judge Arthur Engoron in November 2022

Both Trump and AG’s Team Recommended Barbara Jones

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This appointment came at the recommendation of both Trump’s legal team and Attorney General Letitia James.

Both parties had previously suggested Jones as the receiver to oversee the dissolution of Trump Organization’s LLCs, as ordered by Judge Engoron.

Jones’ Report Highlights

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In her report, issued ahead of the anticipated ruling in Trump’s civil fraud trial, Barbara Jones acknowledged the Trump Organization’s cooperation and corrective measures in response to her recommendations.

However, the report also pointed out multiple errors and inaccuracies that Jones had observed during her 14-month tenure as the company’s monitor.

Trump Attorney’s Response

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Clifford Robert, in a letter addressed to the court, criticized the report’s content.

He asserted that the monitor had misrepresented inconsequential accounting matters to justify her continued appointment and the associated fees.

Rehashed Issues

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Robert argued that the report rehashed issues that had already been addressed by the Trump Organization.

He categorized the identified items, such as incomplete disclosures and mathematical errors, as insignificant discrepancies.

No Fraud or Misconduct Found

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Robert highlighted that Jones’ report failed to uncover any evidence of fraud, misconduct, or suspicious activities, which would warrant ongoing oversight of the Trump Organization.

Questioning the Monitor’s Purpose

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Robert contended that Jones’ continued monitorship served no discernible purpose.

He argued that her report included a self-serving statement suggesting that “misstatements and errors may continue to occur” to justify her continued role.

Comparison to Fictional Character

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Drawing a parallel to the character Inspector Javert from “Les Misérables,” Robert asserted that Jones’ role amounted to expensive and purposeless oversight.

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