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Trump Blames Tragic Death on Biden’s Border Management, Misstates Victim’s Age

During a recent campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, former President Donald Trump inaccurately stated the age of Ruby Garcia.

Rudy is a 25-year-old woman from Michigan who was tragically murdered.

Trump incorrectly referred to her as a 17-year-old while leveraging her death to critique President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Ruby Garcia was reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with Brandon Ortiz-Vite.

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Brandon is a 25-year-old man from Mexico, who has been charged with her murder. 

Trump, emphasizing his illegal immigrant status, used the case as an example to highlight the dangers of this administration’s border policies.

He termed Brandon an “illegal alien criminal.”

In his speech, Trump harshly criticized the Biden administration’s immigration stance.

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He claimed that Biden had allowed dangerous individuals to enter and remain in the country. 

“We threw him out of the country and crooked Joe Biden … let him back in and let him stay in, and he viciously killed Ruby,” Trump stated, despite inaccuracies in his account of the victim’s age.

The former president’s comments have sparked backlash, with critics accusing him of exploiting a young woman’s death for political gain.

Garcia’s family has expressed distress over the politicization of her tragic death, pleading for respect and privacy.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

Trump also referenced the murder of Laken Riley, who was allegedly killed by an immigrant from Venezuela.

Trump has termed certain migrants “animals” despite backlash from Democrats on such language.

Nancy Pelosi went so far as to request that he refrain from such language.

Vowing to “deliver justice” for both murder victims, Trump continues to push his agenda on immigration, using tragic incidents to criticize current border management policies under the Biden administration.

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