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Trump Comments About Black People ‘as Racist as They Come,’ Says ABC News President

The president of ABC News, Kim Godwin, has sharply criticized former President Donald Trump for his recent comments regarding African American voters, denouncing the rhetoric “as racist as they come.”

Godwin’s condemnation comes amid Trump’s mounting legal troubles and ongoing political activities.

Godwin’s Rebuke

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Kim Godwin, head of ABC News, rebuked former President Trump for his remarks speculating on “why the Black people like me,” calling the comments “as racist as they come.”

She was addressing the issue in the context of his criminal indictments and the diverse audience he addressed.

Internal Editorial Discussion

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Godwin’s remarks were reportedly part of an internal editorial discussion within ABC News regarding the coverage of Trump’s statements and actions.

Her email expressing condemnation was shared with multiple news outlets, indicating the seriousness of her stance.

Mind Blowing, Shocking

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“No matter one’s politics, the fact that a person running for President of the United States made these remarks period — but also to a public crowd — and with so many black people present — and that they stand with him — is mind blowing. Shocking,” Godwin wrote in the email.

Trump’s Controversial Speech

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During a speech at the Black Conservative Federation annual gala in South Carolina, Trump said that he “got indicted for nothing, for something that is nothing,” in reference to his criminal cases.

Blacks Favor Him For Being Unfairly Targeted

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He added, “A lot of people said that’s why the Black people like me, because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against, and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against. It’s been pretty amazing, but possibly, maybe, there’s something there.” 

Widespread Condemnation

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Trump’s remarks elicited swift condemnation from Black leaders, Democratic Party officials, and the White House.

The comments were widely viewed as insensitive and divisive, further exacerbating tensions surrounding race relations in the country.

History of Insensitive Comments

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The former president has a track record of making controversial remarks about various marginalized groups, including African Americans, women, and immigrants.

His past statements have frequently sparked outrage and criticism from across the political spectrum.

Political Implications

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As Trump emerges as a frontrunner for the GOP nomination in upcoming elections, his rhetoric and behavior continue to draw scrutiny.

The fallout from his comments underscores the broader debate over racial equality and social justice in American politics.

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