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Trump Denies Sharing Classified Material in Leaked Audio: Claims it Was Bravado

Trump’s Explanation: Bravado, Not Classified Material

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Former President Donald Trump has vehemently denied showing classified material in the leaked audio recently obtained by CNN. The audio allegedly captured Trump revealing sensitive information to individuals at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, including a writer working on Mark Meadows’ memoir, the publisher, and two staff members.

Trump dismissed the allegations, describing his actions as mere bravado. In interviews with Semafor and ABC News, he clarified that he did not share classified information and attributed his actions to engaging in animated discussions while holding up papers. According to Trump, he did not possess any actual documents at the time.

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No Classified Documents, Just News Articles

Trump explained that his desk was often filled with various papers, including relevant news articles on topics such as Iran. When referencing the pile of papers in the leaked audio, Trump stated that he was holding up news articles and not classified documents. He emphasized that his intention was to illustrate points during conversations, using the papers as visual aids.

Addressing the Use of the Word “Plans”

During a Fox News interview, Trump addressed another aspect of the leaked audio—his use of the word “plans.” He clarified that he was referring to magazines, newspapers, and architectural plans for buildings, particularly golf courses. Trump denied having any classified documents on his desk and emphasized that his reference to “plans” was unrelated to classified materials.

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No Regrets: Trump Stands by His Actions

Despite the controversy surrounding the leaked audio, Trump expressed no regrets about how he handled the situation. He maintained that there were no classified documents involved, reiterating that the papers he referenced were unrelated to sensitive information. Trump stood firm in his assertion that he did not reveal classified material and emphasized that there was no cause for remorse.

Join the Conversation: Share Your Thoughts!

What are your thoughts on Trump’s denial of sharing classified material in the leaked audio? Do you believe his explanation of bravado and the absence of classified documents? Share your opinions in the comments below and engage in this ongoing discussion.

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