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Trump Denounces Georgia Indictment as Part of Witch Hunt: ‘They’re Sick People’

Former President Donald Trump has criticized the recent Georgia indictment against him as another episode in what he views as a broader “witch hunt.” During an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow,” Trump expressed his belief that the ongoing legal actions against him are intended to silence him and are driven by individuals who lack a proper understanding of how the world functions.

Trump emphasized his perspective that these legal actions are not limited to any particular political party, asserting that a significant portion of the population is opposed to such actions regardless of their political affiliation. He urged Republicans to stand up against what he sees as unwarranted and politically motivated attacks.

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The former president also used the opportunity to stress the importance of toughness among Republicans in responding to these situations, implying that they should not allow themselves to be intimidated or unfairly targeted. He framed the issue as a larger struggle over the principles of free expression and justice.

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The indictment Trump referred to likely relates to legal actions taken against him in Georgia, though the specific details of the case are not provided in the given information.

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