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Trump Dominates GOP Primary According to Recent Poll

Trump’s Impressive Lead in GOP Primaries

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The newest data from a YouGov/Yahoo! News poll demonstrates that former President Donald Trump remains a prominent figure, holding a double-digit lead in the Republican primary landscape.

Republicans Express Their Preference

The poll queried Republican and those leaning Republican about their choice for the party’s nominee. Just under half, at 49%, expressed a desire to see Trump at the helm again. Meanwhile, 43% opted for another candidate. When focusing on the independent-leaning Republicans, Trump still holds his ground with 48% in favor, compared to 43% for other candidates. Significantly, a majority of dedicated Republicans, 52%, are rooting for Trump to be their choice in 2024.

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Comparing Trump with Other Contenders

When pitted against other potential nominees, Trump’s popularity shines with a 25-point lead. He enjoys the support of 48%, while Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, lags behind at 23%. 

Other potential candidates trail even further. For instance, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina garners only 4%, and figures such as Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy each secured just 3% support. The rest, like North Dakota’s Governor Doug Burgum and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, barely made a mark with 1% or less. A segment of respondents, 12% to be exact, remain undecided.

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Direct Showdown: Trump vs. DeSantis

When it comes down to a direct contest between Trump and DeSantis, the former president emerges as the preferred choice with 54%, while DeSantis trails with 33%.

Context of the Poll

The timing of the poll, which was conducted between July 13-17, 2023, is of particular note. It was held just before Trump publicly announced his status in the January 6th investigation. Trump highlighted the urgency of his summons to the grand jury, revealing it in a post on Truth Social and indicating the likelihood of potential legal action.

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