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Trump Expresses Doubt in Secret Service’s Inability to Identify Owner of White House Cocaine

Former President Donald Trump has expressed skepticism regarding the Secret Service’s statement that they were unable to identify who owned the bag of cocaine found near the White House’s West Executive entrance in the Situation Room. Trump, in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” suggested that the extensive camera surveillance and expertise of the Secret Service should have provided them with the necessary information.

Trump’s Confidence in the Secret Service: “They Know Everything”

During the interview, Trump praised the Secret Service, emphasizing his confidence in their capabilities and knowledge. He questioned the idea that bags of cocaine could be left unnoticed in a high-security area like the Situation Room, known for its critical decision-making processes.

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The Secret Service’s Cocaine Investigation Outcome

The Secret Service announced that their investigation into the bag of cocaine found at the White House did not lead to the identification of the owner. They conducted a thorough examination, including reviewing camera footage and developing a list of individuals who had access to the area where the substance was discovered.

However, the investigation did not yield any conclusive evidence such as fingerprints or sufficient DNA for comparison.

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Trump’s Skepticism and Concerns

Trump expressed doubt about the outcome of the investigation, asserting that it seemed unlikely for bags of cocaine to be left unnoticed in such a sensitive area. He emphasized the significance of the Situation Room, where decisions regarding matters like war and nuclear issues are made.

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The Secret Service’s Expertise and Surveillance

Trump acknowledged the expertise and intelligence of the Secret Service, suggesting that their extensive camera surveillance and knowledge of the White House should have provided them with valuable insights. He maintained his belief that the Secret Service is capable of uncovering information and knowing everything that occurs within the premises.


Former President Donald Trump’s remarks reflect his doubts regarding the Secret Service’s inability to identify the owner of the bag of cocaine found near the White House’s West Executive entrance. While the Secret Service conducted an extensive investigation, their efforts did not yield definitive results.

Trump’s confidence in the Secret Service’s abilities and his skepticism about the circumstances surrounding the incident highlight ongoing questions and concerns surrounding the case.

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