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Trump Faces Potential Risk from Low-Profile Legal Case

The Stormy Daniels case looks set to be the first Donald Trump indictment to go to trial, with a hearing set for this Thursday, February 15.

Judge Juan Merchan will hold an omnibus hearing to consider a large number of housekeeping motions, including admissibility of evidence, scheduling, and a motion by Trump’s lawyers to dismiss the case.

The Legal Storm Brewing for Donald Trump

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Once those matters are dealt with, the trial could begin as planned on March 25. The Stormy Daniels case appears to be the least well-known of the criminal cases Trump is facing.

A survey for YouGov in January found 39 percent of American adults had heard a lot about it, 42 percent had heard a little, and 18 percent had heard nothing at all.

The Looming Legal Threat for Donald Trump

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However, with Trump expected to file an emergency petition to the Supreme Court in his election interference case in Washington D.C, that case is likely to be postponed by at least several months, pushing the Stormy Daniels case to the front of the queue.

On January 14, Daniels said on her podcast that she is “set to testify” against Trump.

Testimony by Key Witnesses

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Many commentators will be focused on the possible testimony of Trump’s former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, although his inclusion at this late stage would likely lead to a delay in the trial’s starting date.

Bryan M. Sullivan, Hunter Biden’s attorney and a founding partner at Los Angeles-based Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae, told Newsweek last week that Weisselberg could be the perfect person to “join the dots” in the case.

Weisselberg’s Potential Cooperation

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The New York Times reported on February 1 that Weisselberg is willing to cooperate with authorities and admit that he lied in Trump’s recent New York fraud trial. His lawyer declined to comment on that report.

“Cooperation likely will be part of the plea but since the fraud trial has concluded, it would have to be in connection with some other case–most likely cooperation in the criminal case relating to alleged payoffs to Stormy Daniels,” Sullivan said.

The Allegations Against Trump

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Prosecutors allege that Trump reimbursed his former lawyer Michael Cohen via a series of checks for “hush money” payments made to Daniels so that she wouldn’t reveal their affair during Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 felony charges relating to the case and has repeatedly said it is part of a political witch hunt aimed at derailing his bid for the White House.

Trump’s Legal Defense

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Trump’s legal team has vigorously defended him against the charges, arguing that there is no evidence to support the allegations of campaign finance violations or any other wrongdoing.

They have also accused prosecutors of pursuing the case for political reasons, citing Trump’s status as a prominent public figure.

The Significance of the Stormy Daniels Case

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The Stormy Daniels case holds significant implications for Trump’s legal troubles and political future.

If found guilty, Trump could face serious legal consequences, including fines, probation, or even imprisonment.

Additionally, the outcome of the case could impact public perception of Trump and influence his potential candidacy for future political office.

Public Attention and Media Coverage

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Despite being less well-known than other legal cases involving Trump, the Stormy Daniels case has attracted significant public attention and media coverage.

With the trial set to begin, the case is likely to garner even more scrutiny from the press and the public, potentially shaping public opinion on Trump’s innocence or guilt.

Daniels’ Testimony

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Stormy Daniels’ testimony is expected to be a key aspect of the trial, providing firsthand accounts of her interactions with Trump and the alleged hush money payments.

Her testimony could sway the jury’s decision and play a crucial role in determining Trump’s legal fate.

Potential Political Ramifications

Credit: Oskaloosa, Iowa – July 25, 2015: Donald Trump make America great again rally. — Photo by sgtphoto

Beyond the legal implications, the outcome of the Stormy Daniels case could have significant political ramifications for Trump and the broader political landscape.

A guilty verdict could tarnish Trump’s reputation and undermine his credibility as a political leader, while an acquittal could bolster his standing among supporters and potential voters.

The Timing of the Trial

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The timing of the trial is particularly noteworthy, as it coincides with the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.

The outcome of the case could impact Trump’s potential candidacy and shape the political narrative surrounding his campaign, potentially influencing voters’ decisions at the polls.

High Stakes for Trump

Credit: Louisville, Kentucky March 20, 2017 President Donald J. Trump addresses a crowd at a rally inside Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 20, 2017. — Photo by jctabb

As the Stormy Daniels case moves forward, all eyes will be on the courtroom as the legal drama unfolds.

With the trial set to commence, the stakes are high for Trump and the outcome of the case could have far-reaching consequences for his future endeavors in both the legal and political arenas.

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