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Trump Indictment Continues Pattern: Coincidental Timing Amid Bad News for Biden

Familiar Pattern Emerges with Trump’s Indictment

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday follows a pattern observed in previous instances. Trump’s indictments have coincided with, or occurred shortly after, negative legal news concerning President Joe Biden and his family.

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Previous Instances of Coincidental Timing

In April, Trump was indicted in Manhattan on charges related to Stormy Daniels’ payments, the same day former Biden aide Kathy Chung testified about mishandling classified documents. In June, Trump faced an indictment in Miami while lawmakers revealed Biden and Hunter received payments from Burisma.

Later that month, a superseding indictment was filed after Hunter Biden’s plea bargain fell apart in court. And most recently, Trump’s indictment came after Hunter Biden’s business associate testified about Biden’s involvement in financial dealings.

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Headlines Indicate Trump’s Popularity

Tuesday’s headlines showed polls suggesting Trump’s strong position in the Republican presidential nomination race and the potential for defeating Biden in the 2024 rematch.

Coincidence or Political Agenda?

While the timing could be coincidental, it has raised concerns about the Department of Justice’s impartiality and fueled doubts about its political agenda. Attorney General Merrick Garland faces challenges in convincing Americans that political motives are not influencing the investigations.

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