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Trump is poised for an epic Twitter comeback

Sources disclose that former President Trump, absent from Twitter for nearly two and a half years, might soon be poised to return to the platform.

Trump has a massive following on Twitter

This development is significant, considering Trump’s Twitter account still boasts approximately 87 million followers, despite being dormant since the infamous January 6th riot of 2021.

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Trump’s potential return to Twitter is increasingly expected by his allies, some even closely associated with his campaign.

Elon Musk welcomes Trump back to Twitter

While he has remained silent on Twitter, Trump has expressed his thoughts on Truth Social. On this platform, he’s the majority owner and is financially interested in maintaining a constant flow of engagement.

Twitter’s Elon Musk welcomed Trump back last November, but the former President has remained committed to Truth Social.

Conservative Republicans embrace Twitter as choice platform

Under Musk’s leadership, Twitter has become a beloved platform among conservative Republicans, many of whom cross-post Trump’s Truth Social rants to Twitter’s substantially more extensive audience.

As Trump aims to retake the presidency amidst battling felony charges, insiders believe his return to Twitter will be strategic and dramatic.

Trump’s Twitter Comeback: Strategic defense amidst legal battles

Trump’s allies view his Twitter comeback as a countermeasure against negative news.

For instance, following his federal arraignment on charges of mishandling classified documents in Miami, Trump responded by voicing his complaints on Truth Social, visiting a Cuban eatery, and later lambasting critics in a speech at his golf club.

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Trump supporter urges Twitter comeback for tactical political impact

Credit: DepositPhotos

Trump supporter Mike Davis, founder of The Article III Project, believes, “President Trump needs to make Twitter great again. I want him to get back on before the presidential campaign heats up.”

“From a business perspective, it’s very smart he’s only on Truth. From a political perspective, he needs to be on Twitter.”

On Truth Social, Trump often shares posts about his numerous legal issues.

Trump’s filtering strategy: Social media dynamics

Posts from congressional allies, favorable polling results, and conservative networks’ clips are regularly shared. Notably, less than half of these posts are directly from Trump.

This month, Trump used his usual tactic of pre-empting bad news by relaying it through his filter when he faced charges in the classified documents case.

His posts, often in all-caps, predominantly criticize prosecutors and Biden administration officials.

Trump’s return to Twitter risks Truth Social, TMTG value

Trump, owning 90% of Trump Media & Technology Group, which encompasses Truth Social, values TMTG between $5 million and $25 million on SEC financial disclosure forms.

Analysts speculate that TMTG and Truth Social’s value could nosedive if Trump returns to Twitter.

Merger prospects, TMTG money laundering probe

Despite generating less than $201 from Truth Social since 2021, a proposed merger with Digital World Acquisition Group could potentially boost TMTG.

However, the merger is pending due to investigations into potential money laundering violations by TMTG.

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Twitter return or exclusive Truth Social content?

Trump contemplated returning to Twitter after the conclusion of Congress’ January 6th hearings in December 2022. His team drafted tweets, but he chose to stick with Truth Social.

If Trump resumes tweeting, he might have to comply with an agreement requiring him to post on Truth Social at least six hours before any other platform.

Alternatively, he could return to Twitter but continue providing exclusive Truth Social content.