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Trump ‘needs to be shot’ – a shocking slip of the tongue from Democrat leader causes outrage

In a troubling slip of the tongue, Stacey Plaskett, a Democratic representative from the Virgin Islands, suggested that former President Trump “needs to be shot” while participating in a discussion regarding his investigation into classified documents.

Plaskett expresses her strong disapproval of Trump

During a live conversation on MSNBC on Sunday, Plaskett, who holds a non-voting role for a U.S. territory, made this unsettling statement while expressing her disapproval of Trump’s conduct surrounding classified documents.

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“Trump’s access to the classified information of Americans, and his ability to disseminate that at his resort to anyone who passes by, should send chills down the spine of every American,” Plaskett conveyed to MSNBC.

Shocking slip of the tongue from Plaskett

“He needs to be shot,” she abruptly said, before swiftly trying to rectify her statement by amending it to “stopped.”

Her comments rapidly gained traction on social media platforms, inciting several Twitter users to condemn her remarks as serious and call for her dismissal.

“Imagine the outcry if a Republican made a similar statement about a Democrat,” said Steve Guest, a conservative commentator.

Did the ‘tongue slip’ reveal Plaskett’s true thoughts?

PhotoCredit: DepositPhotos

“Isn’t it bothersome when your speech reveals your true thoughts?” questioned Jim Hanson, the President of WorldStrat Corporation.

A tweet on Monday from an individual stated, “This is a direct threat to President Trump and requires an investigation.

Plaskett must be immediately ousted,” and added, “This isn’t a mere slip-up.

She is a mature woman. Given her position, she should be proficient at public speaking. #RemovePlaskett.”

“Quite a Freudian slip from Stacey Plaskett,” commented another user.’

Calls arise to lock Plaskett up behind bars

Ryan Fournier, the founder of Students for Trump, also shared the video clip with the comment, “lock her up!”

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Although Plaskett argues that Trump’s possession of classified documents “should horrify all Americans,” recent survey data suggests that the former president has seen a surge in support within the GOP following his indictment for alleged mishandling of classified information.

In the same interview, Plaskett commented that Trump will have his day in court following his plea of not guilty to 37 federal charges arising from the investigation into classified documents.

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“He will certainly get his day in court,” the Democrat communicated to MSNBC. “Keep in mind, he was indicted by his own people – regular Americans residing in South Florida, a Republican-leaning state – who deemed there was sufficient probable cause for this indictment, leading him to trial.”

Plaskett has historically been an adversary of Trump

Historically, Plaskett has been a strong adversary of Trump, having served as an impeachment manager in the 2021 case against him.

In this trial, the House impeachment managers accused Trump of being “solely accountable” for the Capitol riot on January 6th.

However, despite the Democrats’ endeavors, Trump was cleared in his second impeachment trial in February 2021.