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Trump Requests Permission To Continue Criticizing Judge’s Daughter in Hush-Money Case

Donald Trump’s attorneys have formally requested that Justice Merchan clarify whether a recent gag order permits him to continue his verbal critiques of the judge’s daughter.

The inquiry stems from Trump’s recent comments on social media, where he criticized both Merchan and his daughter, Loren, despite being subject to a gag order issued just a day prior.

The gag order could not prevent Trump from using social media to express grievances about the judge’s daughter, a political consultant to the Democrats. 

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This action prompted prosecutors to seek a judicial clarification, suggesting that Trump’s comments could deter potential trial witnesses and jurors due to fears of similar public scrutiny or retaliation.

In their response, Trump’s legal representatives, Susan Necheles and Todd Blanche, argued that the gag order’s current language does not explicitly restrict statements about the judge’s family, thereby allowing their client to continue his criticisms. 

They contended that expanding the order to include the judge’s family members would necessitate a thorough legal debate over the limitations imposed by the First Amendment on restricting speech.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

Loren Merchan’s involvement with Authentic Campaigns, a firm associated with several of Trump’s political adversaries, adds another layer to the defense’s argument against extending the gag order to protect the judge’s family.

As the trial date approaches, Justice Merchan is faced with a difficult decision: to potentially broaden the gag order to safeguard his daughter and other family members from public criticism, thereby inviting a possible legal challenge over free speech rights, or to maintain the status quo, possibly leaving his family vulnerable to further attacks. 

The resolution to this issue remains pending, awaiting Merchan’s determination on how best to navigate the intersecting concerns of legal protocol and familial protection.

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